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Russia at the vote, “midday against Putin”: from Moscow to Siberia, long queues in some polling stations in protest. Dozens of arrests: “23 in Kazan”

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Russia at the vote, “midday against Putin”: from Moscow to Siberia, long queues in some polling stations in protest.  Dozens of arrests: “23 in Kazan”

Last day of voting in Russia: the presidential elections that will relaunch the mandate of Vladimir Putin for the next six years they will close in the evening. According to data from the Election Commission, at 9.45 am in Moscow 61.37% of those entitled to vote had voted. But today is above all the day of waiting protest of the opposition: il ‘Noon against Putin‘ called by the team Navalny. Just around 12 they formed long code to the polls in various cities. In the center of Moscow, on the historic via Arbata line of a few hundred Of people. Various media and social media also show queues at other polling stations in various cities in Russia, including San Petersburg (in the picture). No clashes have been reported, but the police have begun to arrest some demonstrators: the NGO Ovd-Info reported 47 fermi throughout Russia, of which 23 only to Kazan.

In the city bordered by the Volga, at the headquarters of the physics department ofUniversity of state, the plainclothes police rejected those entitled to vote, young students from the university, who had shown up at noon to protest against Putin, asking them to return later a couple of hours. On this occasion, according to Ovd-Info, 23 boys were stopped. The other arrests, the organization specifies, are mainly recorded in Moscow (7) and St. Petersburg (5). The protest initiative also attracted support in some cities in the country Siberiaincluding Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, Omsk and Irkutsk, as the entourage of the Navalny team makes known. TO Yekaterinburg several hundred people queued at a polling station. A long queue had already formed before midday, even in front of an open polling station Yerevan: Many Russians who fled the country immediately after the start of the invasion of Ukraine moved to the capital of Armenia. Other queues are also reported outside Russian embassies all’estero.

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Protest – Il ‘Noon against Putin‘ is the protest called by Alexei Navalny already before his death, which occurred last February 16 in the penal colony of Kharp. Then she was the widow of the opposition leader, Yulia Navalnaya, to relaunch the demonstration by asking Russians opposed to Putin’s regime to go to the polls at the same time. The queues at the polling stations were relaunched by several users on social media. While the police, present in force, limit themselves to watch over the situation and regulate the flow of voters. Other protests had already been registered in the other two days of voting: so far the main gesture of dissent had been the payment of green ink at the polls, which had also led to several arrests. The Duma, the Russian parliament, has also already proposed a law to increase the sentence for those who sabotage elections to 8 years.

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Active anti-aircraft defenses in Moscow – Beyond the protests, however, the elections will end up crowning Putin once again, who will have another mandate to remain in the Kremlin: his reign can last up to 30 years, just one less than Stalin. The really hot front for Moscow remains the Ukrainian one. This morning, reports theAnsa on site, the anti-aircraft defenses they went into action near the international airport of Vnukovo in Moscow. The mayor of the capital, quoted by Tasshe said that a drone was shot down near another international airport, that of Domodedovo. No victims were reported. While another drone attack hit a polling station in the occupied region of Zaporizhzhia: a fire broke out, causing no deaths.

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Ukraine’s drone attack – In general, Kiev launched a large drone raid during the night numerous locations from the Russia. As well as a refinery in the region of Krasnodar, numerous infrastructures were targeted. The Russian armed forces – according to the Tass – they shot down aircraft in the Domodedovo neighborhood and in the neighborhood of Stupinsky of Moscow, in the district of Ramensky near the capital, in the region of Rostov and in that of Belgorod, where electricity and gas lines were damaged. In total – according to what the Moscow Defense Ministry reports – they were shot down 35 Ukrainian drones in eight Russian regions.

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