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Russia, the Chechen dissident: “Prigozhin stopped because the Russian services took his family hostage”

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Russia, the Chechen dissident: “Prigozhin stopped because the Russian services took his family hostage”

Other than avoid shedding of Russian blood: according to Chechen sources, the head of the Wagner decided to stop 200 kilometers from Moscow because theFsb and the Investigative Committee did break-in in his properties, they seized his assets and arrested his family members, held “as hostage“. This is how Prigozhin understood that he could no longer be counted on Vladimir Putin, “an old friend of his, who trusted him” and somehow depended on him, on his forces on the Ukrainian front. To tell the Chechen dissident about it Abubakar Yabgulbaev he was one of 300 men of Ramzan Kadyrov sent to Moscow on Friday, the day before Prigozhin’s ‘Justice March’, “it is not known whether by chance or not”. And to report it toberaking latest news it is the same Yangulbaev, a lawyer, committed to the defense of human rights before being forced to leave Russia.

According to the dissident’s reconstruction, Prigozhin has now been sidelined. But his place can be taken by Dmitry Utkinco-founder of Wagner, veteran of both wars in ChechnyaOf Nazi sympathies. Another hypothesis in the field is that the mercenaries could be reabsorbed into the regular Russian forces. What is certain – says Yangulbaev – is that the Russian forces need them. Because otherwise they are not able to do operations of conquest, as happened in Mariupol and Bakhmut. Prigozhin and the Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu had been at loggerheads for some time, since the beginning of the special military operation against Ukraine, in a public way since September 2022. The escalation reached its peak on Friday and for this reason the head of the mercenaries he launched his operation against his rival, specifying in every possible way that he was not against it Vladimir Putin. On the contrary. According to Yangulbaev, the mercenary leader waited a long time before taking measures against “his creature” precisely in the name of the particular relationship that bound them and which highlights a “dependence” of the Russian president from the militias.

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Furthermore, according to Yangulbaev, it is difficult to say whether the regime of Putin now it is more or less weak or predict what will happen. “It will depend on the situation, what will the Ukrainians do who have not taken advantage of Prigozhin’s mini-civil war, of the posts vacated at Bakhmut“. According to the reconstruction of the Chechen dissident, Shoigu is certainly stronger and the FSB is stronger. It should be emphasized that Yangulbaev is the son of a retired judge, whose brother, Ibrahim, is also engaged against Kadyrov and abroad. mother of him, Zarema Musaeva is in prison a Grozny precisely for the political activity of the children, pending the sentence scheduled for July 4th. The examination of him is also political: according to him at the military level Russia is very weak internally, the soldiers deployed are too few and the police and Rosgvardia they do not have enough resources to be able to carry out operations. Also for this reason, one thousand two thousand men from Chechen Rosgvardia had been moved to Rostov, where they did not arrive. “Prigozhin knew he could penetrate Russia without any problems. Now everyone knows. He showed everyone the weakness of Russia. It’s not clear why, but that’s what she did.”

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