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Russia, the German 007 alarm: “Brutal neo-Nazi military groups alongside Moscow troops, do not take prisoners”

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Russia, the German 007 alarm: “Brutal neo-Nazi military groups alongside Moscow troops, do not take prisoners”

Denazify Ukraine with the help of Nazi military and paramilitary groups. The paradox of the Russian war is explained in a confidential report by the German secret services of the Bnd, sent last week to the Berlin government: “Neo-Nazi and far-right groups joined the Russian army to support it in the attack on Ukraine” , reads the seven pages drawn up by the German 007s and viewed by the Spiegel journalists. Specifically, these are two “right-wing extremist” formations, namely the Russian Imperial League and the Russitch group, which are fighting in Ukraine against the troops of Kiev. According to the evaluation of the analysts of the foreign intelligence service of Germany, the collaboration of these formations with the Russian army leads “the alleged motivation of the conflict of the so-called denazification to turn out to be absurd”.

Although it is not indicated how many neo-Nazi militiamen are currently in action in Ukraine, the document gives precise indications about the activities of the formations in question: for example the Russian Imperial League (RIL), considered the paramilitary arm of the Russian Imperial Movement, would have already intervened in the fighting. According to Spiegel, the head of this unit, a certain Denis Garijev, wrote on Telegram the day after the invasion that “we are undoubtedly in favor of liquidating the separatist entity of Ukraine”. In the years 2014 and 2015, Ril fought in the Donbass. Then, while at the beginning of March Garijev had asked his “legionaries” to have more patience “, shortly after the Ril announced the decision to participate in the front line in the fighting.

According to the confidential report of the Bnd, “mainly people with military experience” as well as individuals who came out of the ‘Partizan’ training center in St. Petersburg were involved. Bnd analysts say that “it is not clear” whether the decision to go to the Ukrainian front “took place on appeal or in agreement with the Russian leadership”. The German weekly adds that Garijev would have been injured in action, the same is true of at least two other far-right militiamen.

The members of ‘Russitch’ would also go to the front, and according to some sources they would have joined the group of mercenaries of the infamous Wagner group. The BND report describes this formation as “known for its particular brutality”, and has the reputation “of never taking prisoners”. Some elements of this group would also have participated in the Syrian conflict. Some photographs are also included in the Bnd document: one portrays one of Russitch’s founders, Aleksej M., with a swastika flag, another shows the other militia leader, Jan P., showing the Hitlerian salute. .

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