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Russia-Ukraine situation: Poland has handed over 18 “Klebo” self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine

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Russia-Ukraine situation: Poland has handed over 18 “Klebo” self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine

Recently, Russia and Ukraine have competed for control of the city of Severo-Donetsk in the Luhansk region. Regarding the outcome of this battle, the two sides have different views.

Luhansk militants claim control of a stronghold in Severo Donetsk

The Luhansk Armed Forces said on the 29th that Luhansk armed men broke into the Ukrainian defense line with the support of the Russian army and repulsed the defenders, taking control of a stronghold in Severo Donetsk. According to the Russian media “Izvestia”, the Lugansk armed forces revealed that in order to prevent the invasion of the urban area, the Ukrainian army had laid mines on the road leading to the urban area, and the Lugansk armed personnel were carrying out demining work.

Ukrainian army says still in control of Severo Donetsk, Russian offensive blocked

On the 28th, the Russian Chechen leader Kadyrov said through social media that the Russian army has taken control of Severo Donetsk. In response, Sergei Gede, the military administrator of Ukraine’s Luhansk region, responded on the 29th that Severo-Donetsk is still under Ukrainian control. He said Russian troops had established positions at the “Peace” Hotel on the northeastern outskirts of Severo Donetsk, but were unable to advance further into the city. According to a report by the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the 29th, the Russian army continued to use artillery and rockets to attack the Ukrainian army’s positions in Severo-Donetsk. In addition, in order to strengthen the control of the northeastern suburbs, the Russian army launched a raid on the city center.

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Russian Defense Ministry: Ukrainian militants plan to make chemical weapons provocation in Sumy

On the 29th, the Russian Satellite News Agency reported that the director of the Russian National Defense Command Center, General Mikhail Mizantsev, said that Ukrainian militants were ready to use toxic substances to launch provocations, frame the Russian armed forces, and did not evacuate the people. Journalists from foreign news agencies are already in Sumy, waiting to take photos and videos. Mizhantsev also reminded Western countries and international humanitarian organizations that Kyiv plans to spread false news about “Russian atrocities” directed by his director in the near future.

Polish media: Poland has handed over 18 “Klebo” self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine

In addition, NATO countries are also increasing their military aid to Ukraine. Polish Public Radio reported on the 29th, citing government sources, that Poland had handed over 18 “Klebo” self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine. In addition, Poland has trained about 100 Ukrainian artillerymen to operate these howitzers. Reuters reported that the howitzer has a maximum range of 40 kilometers.

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