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Russian and US Foreign Ministers Dialogue with Lavrov at Critical Moments Warn: Europe may reappear the nightmare of military confrontation

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Russian and US Foreign Ministers Dialogue at Key Moments Lavrov Warns: Europe may reappear the nightmare of military confrontation

Reference News Network reported on December 3 According to a report on the BBC website on December 3, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned that what he called a “military confrontation nightmare” might reappear in Europe.

According to reports, at a European security conference in Sweden, Lavrov proposed signing a new European security agreement to prevent NATO from further eastward expansion.

The report noted that as tensions intensified, Russia said on Thursday that it had arrested three suspected Ukrainian security service agents. The Russian Federal Security Service said that one of the three people was accused of planning a terrorist attack, and the other two had been trying to gather intelligence.

The report pointed out that Lavrov and Brinken met at a meeting of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). U.S. officials stated that the two sides have agreed to initiate further dialogue on the Ukrainian issue.

The report also said that Brinken hinted at the possibility of direct talks between US President Biden and Russian President Putin. According to Interfax news agency, the Russian Foreign Ministry had hoped that Putin and Biden’s meeting would be held in the next few days, but the specific date has not been determined.

Earlier this week, President Putin said that Russia will seek assurances from the United States that NATO will limit its presence in Ukraine. Ukraine is not a member of NATO.

But Lavrov said in his speech on Thursday that NATO refuses to constructively consider proposals to ease tensions and prevent dangerous incidents from happening. He said: “NATO’s military infrastructure is being irresponsibly built close to the Russian border with Romania and Poland in order to deploy an anti-missile defense system that can be used as an integrated strike facility. US medium-range missiles are about to appear in Europe, thus resurrecting the nightmare scene of military confrontation.”

He also warned NATO not to turn Russia’s neighbour, Ukraine, into a “bridgehead of confrontation,” and expressed his hope that Russia’s proposal for a new security agreement can be seriously considered.

According to reports, U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Brinken stated at a joint press conference with the Russian Foreign Minister that the best way to avoid a crisis is through diplomacy and urged Russia to withdraw its troops.

He added: “The United States is willing to facilitate this, but… if Russia decides to seek confrontation, it will have serious consequences.”

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