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Russian media: Afghan food and fuel prices soar, residents of Kabul can hardly make ends meet

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It has been about a month and a half since the Taliban took over Afghanistan. After the regime change, it has become increasingly difficult for the residents of Kabul to earn a living due to food shortages, inflation and poor government management.

According to a report from the Russian news agency TASS on September 27, since the Afghan Taliban took over Kabul, the prices of local necessities have skyrocketed, and residents of Kabul are struggling to make ends meet. Since Kabul needs to import food from Pakistan and Iran, the increase in food costs affects both buyers and sellers. A Kabul resident stated that the price of flour has risen by 30%, while the prices of vegetables and grains have risen by 50%, and medicines are difficult to buy.

The report quoted a taxi driver in Kabul as saying that since the beginning of August, theOil priceThe grid rose by 20% to 40%. “Due to rising fuel prices, drivers who drive taxis and minibuses to earn a living can hardly make money,” said the driver.The report pointed out that Atta restricted fromBankThe amount of cash withdrawn from ATMs has further exacerbated the problems faced by locals.The Taliban stipulated that a maximum ofBankWithdraw 20,000 Afghanis (approximately RMB 1468).It’s worth noting that AfghanistancurrencyThe value of it has also fallen.


(Source: The Paper)

Article source: The Paper

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Original title: Russian media: Afghan food and fuel prices are soaring, it is difficult for Kabul residents to make ends meet

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