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Sally Buzbee is the new editor of the Washington Post, the first woman in 144 years

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Sally Buzbee is the new editor of the Washington Post. After the Italian Alessandra Galloni at the helm of the Reuters agency and the British Roula Khalaf at the head of the Financial Times, both recently appointed, the number of journalists at the helm of the major international newspapers is growing. A reality that makes the news even more because for all the newspapers it is the first time that the command has been taken by a woman, in the course of a history of over a hundred years. In this case, it took 144 years from the foundation.

American Buzbee, 55, is originally from Kansas and hails from the Associated Press, where she has been senior vice president and chief editor since 2017. She succeeds 66-year-old Marty Baron, recently retired. In recent times he had led the US agency by recounting years of major international events, from the pandemic to the Trump presidency, and before that, the #MeToo movement, Brexit, the Black Lives Matter protests and the past US elections. And he brought Ap into the Pulitzer squad, including photographs, feature films and reportages. “The journalists of the PA are among the best in the world, bold, courageous and totally dedicated to the facts,” he said, taking leave of the editorial staff. “Every day they report the stories of the world with accuracy, precision and talent, and the world depends on Ap for our solid information. It was a great honor and joy to work with them ».

His career began as a reporter in Topeka, Kansas, then became a correspondent from San Diego, and in 1995 he joined the Washington office, where he took on a role of deputy chief. In 2004, he is the Middle East editor of AP, based in Cairo, leading the coverage of the war in Iraq, the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, the Darfur crisis and the growth of terrorist cells in Saudi Arabia, Yemen and elsewhere. In early 2010, she was promoted to Deputy Director at the New York office and leads the founding of Nerve Center, AP’s now integrated hub for coordinating global news and communicating with customers. In the same year, she was appointed head of the Washington office, supervisor of the 2012 and 2016 US presidential elections, and also of the agency’s investigative teams. Now, she will begin her tenure on June 1 at the Washington Post as AP seeks a new director / director.

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