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Salt and Starlink of SpaceX, the agreement that combines mobile and satellite telephony

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Salt and Starlink of SpaceX, the agreement that combines mobile and satellite telephony

What we know about the launch announced on March 1st.
SpaceX’s Salt and Starlink team up to provide a seamless connection across Switzerland

Salt, one of Europe’s leading telecommunications providers based in Switzerland, announced a groundbreaking agreement on March 1 with SpaceX to provide continuous network coverage through satellite technology.

This agreement, the first of its kind in Europetakes advantage of the constellation of Starlink satellites of SpaceX and the Salt mobile network to connect its current and future customers to Starlink satellites, offering them better connectivity and coverage.

Salt’s primacy

Salt is the first telecommunications service provider in Europe to announce such extensive connectivitywhich provides its customers with total coverage throughout Switzerland.

This collaboration takes telecommunication services beyond borders, allowing Salt to offer its customers continuous use, backup connectivity and roaming abroad directly on the direct to cell networks of operators who have entered into similar agreements.

Customers can use the service without additional tools and without switching devices.
Leveraging SpaceX’s Starlink satellite technology, a constellation of low-orbit satellites, backhaul and backend networks, and Salt’s first-class network, the two companies will provide a mobile access that overcomes the limitations of traditional cellular networksi, extending its coverage to remote and currently underserved areas.

This will allow di solve coverage problems due to the complexity of the territory and the topography of Switzerland which includes mountains, valleys and rural areas, such as the Altesch glacier area in Valais and the canton of Grisons.
Thanks to this agreement, SpaceX’s Salt and Starlink are able to offer an innovative solution and provide a unique quality and experience to Salt customers, challenging traditional methods of delivering telecommunications services and creating something completely new for customers. This represents an important milestone that allows us to bridge the digital divide and provide access to the mobile phone network to people living in the hardest to reach areas.

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Mobile customers will be able to use telecommunications services in Switzerland without having to change devices or install software or apps. They will enjoy comprehensive coverage anytime, anywhere and backup connectivity in case of an emergency.

When will the deal work?

From 2024, customers will be able to stay connected and share their experiences practically anywhere through text messages, in short, SMS. The service will be extended to voice and data coverage in 2025.

How much will it cost?

The service will be free for those who have subscribed to a Salt premium offer, for both private and professional customers.
For other subscriptions, the service will be accessible and available as an add-on option.

A framework agreement for telcos

Salt and SpaceX also invite operators from around the world to join them in this initiative by entering into reciprocal access agreements to allow customers to connect worldwide on the direct-to-cell network of participating suppliers, thus enabling further expansion of coverage networking for everyone.
“SWe are honored to work with Salt. And this is the first announcement of its kind in Europe! We will leverage our shared vision of technological innovation to improve connectivity services for customers in Switzerland and around the world. From the Swiss mountains to the valleys, our customers can now enjoy seamless coverage, everywhere“, he has declared Sara Spangelosenior director of satellite engineering and co-lead of SpaceX’s Direct to Cell program.

“We are very pleased to announce this agreement with SpaceX. We have always been committed to offering the best technology and innovation to our customers, and the collaboration with SpaceX represents an important step forward in this mission”. he has declared Marc Furrerpresident of Salt. “With comprehensive coverage and continuous usage, this service is a game-changer for anyone in need of reliable telecom services – the sky’s the limit!”

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