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Salvini reduces the train strike, the unions confirm

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breaking latest news – It was sent by MIT to unions measure to reduce the duration of abstentions already proclaimed for Thursday 13 July 2023, from 3 in the morning until 2 on Friday 14. With the measure signed by Matteo Salvini The strike will end at 3pm. The minister – reads a note from the ministry – has decided to take this measure also in the light of the assurance – gained during the table convened at the Porta Pia department and of which Salvini stands as guarantor – of the immediate resumption of trade union negotiations on all the points object of the agitation. “Not only that. MIT also acted on the basis of a note from the Strike Guarantee Commission”, concludes the MIT note.

The trade unions Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl, Uiltrasporti, Ugl Ferrovieri, Orsa Ferrovie and Fast Confsal, for their part, had confirmed the strike of the staff of the railway sector at the end of the meeting at MIT between Minister Matteo Salvini, Trenitalia, Italo and the trade unions. The stop, according to the organizations, is set from 3 am on Thursday 13 to 2 am on Friday 14 July.

The reactions of the unions

“The precept is an initiative, shameful, wrong and illegitimate“. This was declared by the secretary general of Filt-Cgil Stefano Malorgio, explaining that “the proclamations of the strikes have been known to the Ministry of Transport since 8 and 22 June, in these 34 days nothing has been done to avoid them while there was everything the time and availability to do it”. “On rail transport and air transport – underlines the general secretary of Filt – two tables were convened by MIT only today with the counterparts who did not produce anything. The general impression is of a ministry trying to make up for lost time when it is too late. Trains and planes have already been canceled in anticipation of the strike and therefore in any case the inconvenience to travelers which must be attributed to those who brought the negotiations to a standstill will not be avoided. The workers are protesting the renewal of two national contracts and a dispute in the largest transport company in the country, nothing more than micro claims as the Minister defines them and, if answers had been given, they would have avoided losing wages with a strike”. “The abstentions from work – Malorgio finally claims – have been declared according to the laws in force, we will evaluate in legal proceedings how to respond to the initiative to compress the constitutional right to strike”.

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“The minister asked us if the conditions existed for giving up the strike, objectively the conditions weren’t there because there is a time for everything and one cannot think of the strike being canceled a few hours before it starts”, he explained Eugenio Stanziale, Filt-Cgil national secretary, at the end of the meeting at MIT with the minister Matteo Salvini and the companies.

“We will continue with the strike hoping that the companies are aware that this continued delay does not produce positive effects either for the workers or above all for the users. We therefore hope that after the strike they will be able to respond to our requests”, he added Sedentary.

“The companies – he continued – have told us the same things they have said in recent months, therefore the conditions” to stop the strike “do not exist, even if we appreciate the willingness to find a solution”.

“The responsibility” of the strike “is to be attributed entirely to the behavior of the companies, either Trenitalia is Italo. Nothing concrete has been done in recent months to respond to the needs of workers,” said Roberto Napoleoni, national secretary of Uil Transport at the end of the meeting. “We reject the allegations of harming travellersprotected by a regulation which, moreover, is very strict through guarantee bands and guaranteed trains”, he concluded.

“You cannot put the union against the wall 10 hours after the strike and ask to postpone it when everything has been done according to the rules and according to what the law provides. So we are ready a minute after the end of the strike to present ourselves at the tables and verify if the papers, the statements made by the companies, are reliable or are, as usual, part of the game that companies are often playing in this period”, said Gaetano Riccio of the national Fit-Cisl secretariat.

“It seems to me that there is no margin” for the revocation of tomorrow’s rail transport strike called by the trade unions, announced the general secretary of the CISL, Luigi Sbarra, explaining that “in any case long-distance trains are insured and guaranteed, just as regional trains are also guaranteed on certain time slots: from six to nine and from 6 to 9″.

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On the strikes in railway transport and airport handling scheduled for tomorrow “the minister tried to reverse the responsibilities of the discomfort that will fall on citizens. He should pose the problem not to us, but to companies that do not renew national contracts and force workers to operate in difficult conditions”, added the confederal secretary of the CGIL, Pino Gesmundo.

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