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Samantha Fox denies assaulting his wife

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Samantha Fox denies assaulting his wife

Glamor model and artist Samantha Fox (57) and Norwegian Linda Olsen (48) have become a much talked about couple, and in 2022 they married after five years as a couple.

In sorrow

In January, Fox was arrested after causing a disturbance on board a flight. She appeared in court on Friday. Here, the 57-year-old was accused, among other things, of having used violence against Olsen.

On Friday, she denied assaulting her wife during a court hearing. It reports Daily Mail.

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– I am deeply sorry

The noise on board the plane prevented take-off at the original time, and the police were later able to confirm that a woman in her 50s had been arrested, suspected of being excessively drunk and causing problems on the plane.

Breeds: – Cowardly and shameful

Fox has stated that she “deeply apologizes for any inconvenience.”

– No comment

In court, Fox admitted she was drunk, and acting threateningly and inappropriately. She also confessed to harassing police officer Ashley Smith, according to the Daily Mail.

However, she denied the part of the indictment that concerned violence against his wife Linda Olsen. Fox is due in court on September 2.

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Dagbladet has been in contact with Kirsty Shaw-Rayner, Samanta Fox’s manager:

– There are no further comments to make at this time.

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Dagbladet has so far been unsuccessful in getting a comment from Linda Olsen.

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