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Samuel Stern “Between the Shadows and the Light”: Are the Horsemen of the Apocalypse coming?

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Samuel Stern “Between the Shadows and the Light”: Are the Horsemen of the Apocalypse coming?

Personally, I might have titled Samuel Stern’s new album the “Awakening of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse”, as after meticulous preparation, wherein many protagonists enter the sphere, the authors are directing in direction of the ultimate apocalyptic act of the Red.

To do that, in current points, numerous clues have been disseminated, and one in every of these have been the titles that had the synonym “Horse” because the denominator, 4 titles with this noun, as many because the horsemen of the Apocalypse: Famine, War, Pestilence and Death.

“Tra le Ombre e la Luce” with drawings by Francesca Biscotti, script by Gianmarco Fumasoli and canopy by Valerio Piccioni, Maurizio Di Vincenzo and Emiliano Tanzillo, printed by Bugs Comics, is a matter that begins in a relatively softer approach than traditional however which web page after web page as if it have been a sea that slowly swells, we attain the climax, the fulcrum of which is to deliver the battle to an otherworldly degree, urgent as a lot as potential, the hand on the spiritual facet and the belief of those that are subsequent to Red…

Inspector Cranna should decide up Samuel and take him instantly to the studios of the ETV broadcaster, as a potential terrorist has taken hostage Vermilion Larsen, an vital consultant of world present enterprise, singer, actress, mannequin and testimonial for numerous humanitarian associations.

In order to set her free, the kidnapper requested to see the bookseller from Edinburgh, the latter showing earlier than the felony, acknowledges him as William Chamber, who a while earlier than (Samuel Stern n° 3 “Legion”) requested him to hold out the primary transplant of demon.

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William’s goal is to show that each particular person has a sleeping demon inside, the so-called soul and to do that he wants Samuel to carry out an exorcism, reside on tv, on a non-possessed individual…

The quick and intense narrative, with decisions which can be by no means unlikely, with a really pulp connotation, leads the reader to wish to higher perceive this private Apocalypse of the protagonist, who has attracted a sequence of characters round him who, interacting increasingly more intently, are in search of to shut a circle wherein everybody has objectives with a single widespread denominator: Samuel. The catalyst of demons, of legions, of the shadow, of explicit entities, Associations, sects and every part that may wreak havoc in at the moment’s life.

Towards the tip of the ebook we discover Samuel’s more and more higher depth and introspection, not limiting himself to only passively struggling what occurs round him however lastly taking the scenario head on in its crudeness and violence, with penalties that may very well be devastating… however we are going to solely discover out this by studying the subsequent points.

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