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Samuel Stern: “The Green Horse”

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Samuel Stern: “The Green Horse”

The evolution of Samuel’s Apocalypse is enriched with new discoveries about the Red’s past. In this book “The Green Horse”, with a script by Marco Savegnago and Massimiliano Filadoro with drawings by Stefano Palma and published by Bugs Comics, we move further and further into this context of spiritual and demonic forces, each with their own purposes, which are slowly emerging.

Samuel goes to his adoptive mother, Kismet, who told him that she helped Father Cornelius find families for those children of the devil but with Samuel she decided to be there to act as a mother, as her shadow was enormous, for be able to train it and make it an instrument of balance: a savior. This led the boy to live with his dark side, his shadow counterpart, this explains his compassion towards demons and reluctance towards exorcisms.

The Red, having been conceived to be a son of Samel, a heresiarch, one capable of channeling the forces of the shadow and transforming them into power, is sought after by the servants of the formless who want him on their side.

Kismet holds Ryden prisoner, who turns out, after a scuffle with the black magicians, to be an important and fundamental ally of the Edinburgh bookseller.

Meanwhile, at Penny’s house who is looking after Lily, Samuel’s daughter introduces her brother, Bryce…

A reading that brings us back in certain situations to the narrative of HP Lovecraft in which we find not only monstrosities coming from other dimensional portals but demonic entities that consume man from within with fears and doubts, making these sensations concrete for the reader, thanks to terrifying atmospheres and situations through this concept of “shadow”.

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A fundamental element to create all this pathos is the drawing, with strong and raw images in an unfolding of events that for the moment has the unknown as its destination, in which the various characters are facing various apocalypses in total solitude.

As we move forward in this saga, issue after issue, we are surrounded by an irrationality that alters reality, which we know and which we touch with our hands, overturning the rules of physics, leading us to ask who are the good and the bad, in which ethics does not always corresponds to the right.

And the Apocalypse continues….

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