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Sanna Marin dances wildly in a video. Controversy in Finland

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Sanna Marin dances wildly in a video.  Controversy in Finland

The 36-year-old premier of Finland Sanna Marin she ended up in the storm after the media in her country published a video, which ended up online, it is not yet known how, in which the young leader goes wild in a private party. Marin, to the tune of popular rap artists such as Petri Nygård and Antti Tuisku, dances in the company of well-known faces of the Finnish jet set. According to the newspaper Evening newspaperwho first published the story, you can see in the video the photographer and influencer Janita Autio, the hosts Tinni Wikström and Karoliina Tuominen, the designer Vesa Silver and the deputy Ilmari Nurminen.

Finland, the young prime minister in the crosshairs: “She has Saturday night fever”

by Andrea Tarquini

“It looks like the videos were shot in a private apartment. Evening newspaper he was unable to contact Marin or his staff for comment. Marin’s parties and social media advertising, which deviate from the prime minister’s traditional style, have attracted a lot of attention and discussion, “notes the newspaper.

Finland: yes to NATO, Moscow announces retaliation and evokes the nuclear weapon

by Rosalba Castelletti, Tonia Mastrobuoni

“I didn’t use drugs. I just drank some alcohol.” Thus the Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin responded to the controversy for the video, which aroused criticism and indignation especially because in the background you can hear someone who, during the wild dances, refers to the “flour band”, an expression associated with the use of cocaine. “I have no idea why anyone used this expression and what it refers to. These are private videos not intended for the public,” explained Marin.

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Sanna Marin at lunch with Letta and Conte: “Finnish neutrality is over, vote for us to join NATO”

by Giovanna Vitale

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