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Scammers on Tinder |  Magazine

The victim of a Tinder fraudster, Norwegian Cecilia Fjelvej, spoke about the traumatic experience she experienced because of the famous Simon Levi, whose real name is Simon Hayut.

Izvor: Instagram/screenshot/simon__leviev__official_/cecilie_

For those who may have forgotten, “Tinder Cheater” was the story of a man Simon Levy, whose real name is Simon Hayut, who presented himself as a good man. He lived the life of a rich man, wore designer clothes, managed to make women all over the world fall in love with him, but ended up taking a lot of money from them – a total of ten million dollars!

One of the victims was Norwegian Cecilia Fjelvej, who started the whole story. She fell in love with him, thought he was perfect, and the first date was amazing. She even went on a trip to Bulgaria on his private plane. Everything seemed perfect, and then it was the turn of a big fraud that she herself was not aware of. She got to the point where she couldn’t take it anymore and some things became suspicious to her.

Seslija spoke to the Croatian media for the first time in an interview with Net.hr she revealed the details of this fraud, but also what happened in her life after the release of the documentary. When Cecilia took a private plane to Bulgaria, she met a woman with whom Simon has a child. It was this woman who was one of the three he cheated in 2015, and it was she who put him in prison for two years. When asked if she ever found out why she covered Simon and told her all the nice things about him, Cecilia answered:

“She and I talked because I was terribly sad that a woman could do this to someone. However, I think she was in a different situation because she has a child with him. The two of them were living together, then she found out she was pregnant and she she was in a different state. It wasn’t until later that she found out that the man she was going to have a baby with was actually a cheater and that he was playing with her. I can’t even imagine what that was like. I think it’s like Stockholm syndrome because she felt she had to to be in contact with him, because they have a child together. The whole story is crazy and that’s why everyone has so many questions. Even I don’t have the answers to why she did what she did. I know people have judged me, but I don’t want to judge others . I don’t know what position she was in, whether she might have felt threatened and why she was on that plane in the first place. I’m sorry that she has a child with him because it won’t be easy,” Cecilia revealed.

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“I wanted to throw up”

“There were so many people I met and I had to figure out who was part of it and who wasn’t. How crazy is it, how many people can he really pull into this conspiracy? Everyone’s talking about Simon, but there are so many people involved in this and making it succeed. If you just met him and he told you he was the CEO of a big diamond company, it wouldn’t be the same. The bottom line is the people around him that he uses so well. That’s why this scam was so successfully worked out and why he got away with it for a while. But he met me so he couldn’t use her forever,” Cecilia said with a smile.

At one point, she started receiving photos of Simon’s bodyguard, Peter, covered in blood. These are the messages and pictures that every woman who was connected to a fraudster received.

“I think that’s why it’s very dangerous with scams in general, when people say ‘how did you not see all these warnings’. Of course, when you’re not part of that whole brainwashing process, then you see that there was a lot. I gave my credit card, he spent money and didn’t give me anything back. He had a perfect way of keeping you stressed. He called me every day, texted me while I was working, I didn’t even have time to think because there was always something going on and there was always some situation “, said Cecilia.

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“Eventually you realize that something is wrong, but then you are already in fear of what your life has turned into and what will happen when I really realize that I have been deceived, and yet you wait a little longer. My body was telling me I was being tricked, while my brain figured it out later. I was sick and wanted to throw up and it was like that for a few days before I contacted ‘American Express’. That’s insane. Of course, there were a few things that happened and when I think about it now, I see… He asked me for money, his card is blocked, he doesn’t love me. It was a very good scam. He found the perfect way to get out of everything. And in the end you blame yourself, because after everything that happened, you think about everything that happened. What I didn’t see, why this ended so badly… I put everything on paper and saw that I took all these loans in a very short time. There were many large loans and it all piled up very quickly,” she said.

“Four banks in Norway took me to court”

Sajmon managed to take it from her 250,000 dollars! Cecilia took out nine loans from different Norwegian banks and discovered that she is now blacklisted by those banks.

“The banks are aware of the whole situation, but it was very difficult. I had to file for bankruptcy to be able to move on because there were too many loans to handle everything. People say that I should be responsible for everything that happened and I really am. When you’re struggling with bankruptcy, your credit score is destroyed, so there’s a lot going on. But that’s the game, unfortunately. I’m the one who took out the loans and I’m the one who signed all the papers. Simon played very well because his name was not on anything. Four banks in Norway took me to court. I attended two trials as an accused. It was really hard. I hope I can work things out in the end. I really learned a lot from this whole situation. Life is not about money and you start to appreciate other things when you suddenly have nothing. I will be fine, but the fight is still going on,” said Cecilia.

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“My life has completely changed”

It’s been 14 months since Netflix showed the documentary, and Seslija revealed how much her life has actually changed.

“For ten years I worked in the IT sector as a designer, so I had a completely normal job from 9 am to 5 pm and then suddenly – boom. I traveled the world, I did television projects in Australia, I was a guest on Dr. Phil in the USA which was a very strange experience. And while traveling around the world, I gave various interviews, talked to many banks and financial institutions who want to see what went wrong in my case. There are very few fraud victims who can be on the scene and talk about everything. And I’ve been doing that lately. I am now part of an organization I co-founded to help victims of fraud with practical and mental health support. There’s a lot going on in my life. I want to change things, I want to change how our society views victims of fraud, how we talk about it and see what kind of help we can actually provide. This is the hope of the organization and we are launching it this year, so I am very excited,” said Cecilia.

Finally, she revealed that she hasn’t found her soulmate yet, and even more interestingly, she’s still active on dating apps. “If there are any Croatian men, maybe I will go to Croatia in the future,” she joked at the end.


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