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Serbian Thailand island near Sremski Karlovac | Info

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Serbian Thailand island near Sremski Karlovac |  Info

“Serbian Thailand” is an island near Sremski Karlovac.

Source: Profimedia

Koh Chang is the third largest island in Thailand. The island on the Danube near Sremski Karlovac, which they call “Serbian Thailand”, bears the same name. The island is a true revelation for lovers of nature and exotic destinations. For years it was hidden from the influx of tourists. It is located about 80 km from Novi Sad. It can be reached by boat, and as soon as you set foot on the sandy beach, you have the impression that you have gone to a paradise or, for example, to the Seychelles.

The locals also call this island Maimunsko or Karlovačko island, but also the Danube Maldives… Unlike the other banks that appear on the Danube at this time of the year, Maimunsko ostrvo is quite tame, i.e. adapted to guests, writes Moj Novi Sad, and sometimes there they also organize parties. Nevertheless, it is still quite unknown for tourists, although every year more and more of them “discover” it.

Many people from the surrounding area come here by boats and small boats, and there is also organized transport from Karlovac. The island is tucked between Dunavac and Kopački rit, it can be reached in about 10 minutes by boat, and the swans will welcome you. Many people camp, enjoying untouched nature, meeting various types of birds and an environment worthy of “modern Robinsons” – there are deckchairs, wooden “installations”, benches…

So, if you are in the mood for camping, a place for a tent costs 100 dinars during weekdays, or 200 dinars during the weekend, per person. Paying for a camping spot includes the use of: camping spot for a tent, sinks with technical water, shower cabins, use of toilets, laptop or phone charging. Don’t worry, if you want to leave the island before dark, it is possible with the boats, but be careful because the last ones leave back to the “Danube” hotel around 8 pm.

The beach is sandy and the shore is very shallow, but you should keep in mind that this is a wild beach where there are no lifeguards or emergency services, you are responsible for your own safety during swimming and staying.


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