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Serie C, Wednesday’s results: Avellino and Juve Stabia draw, Perugia wins

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Serie C, Wednesday’s results: Avellino and Juve Stabia draw, Perugia wins

Thirteen matches were played between Wednesday and Thursday. Pergolettese and Fiorenzuola are also on the pitch for Group A (final result 1-2). Exemption to Francavilla

Pietro Scognamiglio

15 February 2024 (change at 12.40) – MILAN

Wednesday dedicated above all to groups B and C, with only one postponement to close group A (Fiorenzuola’s success at Pergolettese, 2-1, Fabio Ceravolo decisive, putting Abbate’s bench at risk). Here is everything that happened in the 12 matches of the other two groups.

round b

24 hours later, Torres responds to Cesena – for what is still possible – but above all it emerges from its crisis: the 2-0 on the Lucchese pitch (Masala and Giorico, Guadagni’s missed penalty for the Tuscans) allows the team of Alfonso Greco to recover after three defeats and defend themselves from the attacks on second place. Also because, whoever chases, runs. This is the case of Carrarese, with their fourth win in a row in Calabro management (and five points behind Torres): Gubbio beaten 2-0 thanks to headers from Illanes and Alessandro Capello. Perugia also wins again, thanks to Seghetti’s performance (1-0) which was decisive in beating a combative Fermana. Juventus Next Gen has now stabilized in the playoff zone: the 1-0 against Sestri Levante brought the signature of Rouhi, the fourth consecutive victory in a streak of nine useful results. Olbia and Entella move up the table (1-1), but remain in their respective moments of difficulty: Ligurians ahead with Corbari, equal with the first goal among professionals from the young Cavuoti. The Vis Pesaro-Ancona derby was lively (2-2): Giampaolo set the score half an hour into the second half, after Vis had overturned Paolucci’s initial lead with Pucciarelli and Zagnoni.

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group c

Juve Stabia slows down at Menti, held against all odds by Brindisi (and by Saio’s great saves) at 0-0. However, Avellino does not take advantage of it, returning with just one point (2-2) from Potenza at the end of a lively match: Lucani ahead with Candellori, Pazienza overturns it by switching to 4-3-3 with goals from D’Ausilio and Rigione, but Saporiti’s poisonous free kick arrives at the end (for the second consecutive goal) which deceives Ghidotti. Capuano’s Taranto now has the same 45 points as the green and whites, who narrowly beat Giugliano (1-0) thanks to Kanoute’s performance. Another failed move, however, for Lucarelli’s Catania: Latina’s defeat (1-0) occurred at the start of the second half due to Riccardi’s goal. Messina is celebrating in Sicily, never stopping and also defeating Sorrento (2-0, Plescia and Luciani) reaching 16 points in the last six games. Francavilla-Turris was also scoreless (0-0), with guest goalkeeper Marcone being the protagonist in saving a penalty against Artistico at the start of the second half. And after the draw, Francavilla coach Occhiuzzi was sacked. Alberto Villa returns in his place, having been replaced by Occhiuzzi.

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