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Severe car accident in Bulgaria, Pope expresses sorrow for victims-Vatican News

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In a message of condolences signed by Cardinal Palolin, Pope Francis expressed his concern to the President of North Macedonia and prayed for the victims. A serious bus accident occurred in Bulgaria a few days ago, and 46 victims came from North Macedonia.

(Vatican News Network)A bus accident occurred in Bulgaria on the night of November 22. 46 sleeping passengers were trapped in the car and buried in flames; only 7 passengers in the car escaped. No one thought that the just-concluded one-day tour of Istanbul would suddenly become the most serious road traffic accident in Europe in recent years. Pope Francis was deeply saddened after hearing the news, especially after hearing the tragic death of 12 children.

In a message of condolence signed by Cardinal Palolin, Secretary of State of the Holy See, Pope Francis expressed his “heart-felt solidarity” to the motherland of the victims and the president of North Macedonia, praying for the victims and sending them to the survivors of the accident. On caring. The accident occurred in Bulgaria. In addition to North Macedonia‚Äôs announcement of a three-day half-mast and national mourning, Bulgaria also announced a one-day mourning.

The Bulgarian authorities have launched an investigation to clarify the cause of the accident. In addition, investigators also tried to confirm whether the trip complied with relevant safety regulations based on the testimony of survivors and other materials.

Link URL: www.vaticannews.cn

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