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Shadows from Japan – Magical and mysterious creatures from the Far East

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Shadows from Japan – Magical and mysterious creatures from the Far East

The charm of the legends and myths of the Japanese yokai have given rise to many themes and books that involve enthusiasts, readers and the simply curious.

“Shadows from Japan – Magical and mysterious creatures of the Far East” by Caterina Franciosi of the blog “Il Salotto Letterario” is a work that is a journey through the beliefs of mysterious and fantastic creatures that, still today, live well rooted in culture and Japanese tradition.

A reading that immerses us in a panorama in which, in various eras, attempts have been made to explain dark and dangerous facts that were incomprehensible for the time and therefore gave rise to events due to spiritual forces that dwelt on Earth, hidden from humans. .

The author presents this folkloristic aspect, through a series of fabulous beings that still today stimulate the imagination and popular belief, from the Hosogyo a particular goldfish, Inugami the ghost dog, the Nure Onna the snake woman, the famous Kitsune fox who often is mentioned in manga, novels and films, which possesses powers and a strong intelligence, hiding under human guise… There are many of these creatures who still enchant with their stories who live in this limbo between the ancestral plane of humans and the spiritual one.

The work is excellently accompanied by images created by Diego Ruboni who, with his retro graphic style, makes each yokai alive, perceptible as an existing creature, almost as if he has seen them live, giving them a face and a shape that seem to have to be moving from one moment to the next, with atmospheres that bring the mind back to the Japanese medieval period.

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An anthology that is not linked to a reading that must begin and end like a Novel but must be seen as a continuous study and stimulus, to consult it and search for notions on a world of illusions created by humans themselves in which they find an aspect magic of life.

A fundamental aspect of the tradition of the Rising Sun, in which everything that surrounds us has a soul, explained through particular creatures that if once instilled fear and terror have now become almost emblems that present their existence and all to Western cultures Japanese culture.

A book that will intrigue you a lot, from their appearance, to their magical powers and in some cases leaving you in complete amazement with questions like “But why believe in the existence of this?”

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