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Shall quadruple sales in Norway

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Shall quadruple sales in Norway

Chinese Xpeng has had usable success with the large SUV G9. So far, just over 900 cars of the model have been registered, 311 of them this year.

But it is the next model out that they have the greatest expectations for. During the SHE conference at Oslo Spektrum today, Xpeng pulled the curtain on the G6 model, which goes straight for the throat of the market leader Tesla Model Y.

– We aim to quadruple sales in Norway in 2024 compared to 2023, and this model will account for half of the sales, says Claes Persson, Xpeng’s Norwegian manager.

NORWAY MANAGER: Claes Persson and Xpeng believe that 2024 will be a good year for the car brand in Norway.

He adds that Xpeng is not having a bad time, and that they are prepared that it will require patience to gain a proper foothold in a market with very strong competition.

The aim is to sell 3,000 cars this year. That should mean around 1,500 of the novelty, while the rest will essentially be the G9. The other models P7 and G3i are still on sale, but interest in these is very low.

How do you actually pronounce Xpeng?

This is the G6

The G6 is a crossover that comes with a very comprehensive equipment package as standard. This includes, among other things, a panoramic sunroof, advanced driver support systems and air-cooled seats. The only thing you can specify extra is the hanger and paint colour.

The external dimensions are almost identical to the Tesla Model Y. Design and space are also comparable, and there is no doubt that Xpeng targets the same buyers.

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CAR NEWS: Xpeng G6 is a new crossover in the “Model Y segment”

And you will get everything at a price that has not yet been revealed, but which, according to Xpeng’s PR manager Knut Arne Marcussen, will be “very aggressive” compared to the competitors. It is probably also necessary, because the competition in this class is very strong.

– Here you get a car with a full equipment package, market-leading range and charging speed – and with one of the market’s best guarantees, says Marcussen to Broom.

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Two editions to choose from

The G9 comes in two versions in Norway, the Standard range with rear-wheel drive, and the Long range with a large battery pack and four-wheel drive.

The G6 Long range is equipped with a battery pack of 87.5 kWh net. The range is 550 kilometers, measured according to the European WLTP standard. Here, the Model Y stops at 533. The standard range battery has a capacity of 66 kWh, and here the range is 435 kilometres.

The car has a large luggage compartment of 571 liters at the back, but no frills under the hood like the Tesla Model Y. If you buy the car with a towbar, it can tow a trailer weight of up to 1,500 kilograms. You can also have up to 75 kilograms on the roof. Payload (without driver) is between 420 and 453 kilograms, depending on configuration.

Plans as many as 30 new cars over the next three years

SPACIOUS: The Xpeng G6 has a large luggage compartment that holds 571 litres.

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Lightning fast charging

And when the car needs to be charged, it should happen quickly, XPeng promises: the G6 is equipped with the same 800-volt charging solution as its big brother G9, which charges the fastest of all models on the Norwegian market.

Maximum charging power is 280 kW, where the Model Y stops at 250. It should only take 20 minutes to charge the battery from 10-80 percent, under optimal conditions.

When it comes to warranty, Xpeng has an ace up its sleeve. The G6 comes with a seven-year factory warranty. That is two years more than the vast majority of competitors. The guarantee applies to 160,000 kilometres, if this occurs before seven years have passed.

Norwegian prices will be ready towards the end of April or the beginning of May. Then the sale also starts. The first customer cars are expected in Norway over the summer (third quarter).

Volkswagen enters into billion dollar agreement with China brand

Here you can get to know big brother G9:

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