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She filmed childbirth on TikTok | Info

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She filmed childbirth on TikTok |  Info

An instrumentalist from GAK Narodni Front in Belgrade filmed women undergoing surgery, and now she has come forward.

Source: MONDO/Stefan Stojanović/Twitter/printscreen

Last night, network users had an incredible opportunity to watch the live broadcast of the birth at GAK “Narodni Front” on the TikTok social network. One nurse was broadcasting all the events from the hall live on the networks, and now she has spoken out.

“I want to explain the live recording that was broadcast from my profile in the period from 04:00 to 05:00 on 04/26/2023. The recording was created unintentionally. In the night shift, we are all aware that the use of mobile phones in the hall is prohibited, but as we were called to emergency caesarean section, I just left my phone leaning against the glove box, unaware that the live Tik Tok camera had turned on. Before the call to the hall, we watched Tik Tok and that was the last thing left on. From the recording, it can be seen that no one in the hall was aware that the suspended phone was broadcasting live. The video was created spontaneously. In addition to the patient, I also see myself preparing for surgery and participating in it. I apologize to the patient whose privacy was violated, to the patient’s family and to the general public. I have been a nurse – instrument operator for 14 years and throughout my working life I have been building the relationship between the patient and the nurse based on the principles of nursing ethics and according to the good rules of the profession. I am most sincerely sorry that the live broadcast was created because my activities on Tik Tok were focused mainly on my family, friends and educational content which did not contain personal data in any video nor was it in conflict with medical ethics. Once again, I repeat that I am deeply sorry and sincerely apologize to the patient, her family, the clinic that feeds me, all my colleagues and the entire public,” she stated.

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Izvor: TikTok/screenshot

Let’s remind you, the instrumentalist broadcast everything on the networks, and even announced the live broadcast on the same day. which would mean that the camera could not turn itself on.

Source: Instagram/Printscreen

“Narodni Front” responded to all this. “The management of the clinic strongly condemns this action of the nurse and states that she was immediately suspended, and disciplinary proceedings were initiated.”


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