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Shock in Cienfuegos due to the death of a Cuban doctor

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Shock in Cienfuegos due to the death of a Cuban doctor

The sudden death of a beloved Cuban doctor identified as Amaury Sánchez this week has shocked many people in the province of Cienfuegos.

Cuban Yuneisy Pérez Morera confirmed the painful news on social networks and explained that she learned about the incident after speaking with the health professional’s daughter.

“I can’t believe the news of your departure, today the Cruces and Poterillo Rehabilitation room is in mourning, friend, we have lost a great human being,” he said.

“I would like someone to write to me saying that it is a lie, I can’t believe that you are not among us, an excellent person, a brother to all,” he added.

“There are many of us who today feel your departure with all our hearts. EPD friend, strength for your family,” she indicated.

“Friend EPD, my condolences to your wife and family. “God gained an angel and we lost a friend,” she added in another post.

“The news is true and it hurts me a lot to confirm it, I wrote to my daughter, and Amaury died yesterday at 12 noon. My condolences to his wife and daughters. EPD friend,” he clarified in the comments section.

According to reports, the doctor allegedly died of a heart attack.

Dozens of people say goodbye to him. “There are no words to describe what it feels like to lose our great co-worker, it has left a very deep pain in all of us who knew him, EPD friend, we will always remember you as the super that you always were. My condolences to all his family and wife. He rests in peace”; “I still can’t believe it’s true, my God, may our dear friend rest in peace,” said some close friends.

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