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Shocking political poll of the New York Times: Trump has 54% of the votes

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Shocking political poll of the New York Times: Trump has 54% of the votes

WASHINGTON. If the primaries were like a baseball game, a ban would be invoked due to obvious superiority. Now politics and voter moods change significantly more often than the trajectory of a ball, but according to the latest poll published on Monday, July 31 in the New York Times (New York Times / Sienna College) Donald Trump is dominating the race. Not only does he have 54% of the preferences, 37 points more than his closest rival, Ron DeSantis (17%), – the others have between 2% and 3% – but he wins practically all states, between men and women among young and old voters, college graduates and college graduates, conservatives and moderates. Any attempt by rivals to argue, as DeSantis says, who today will present among other things his economic agenda in New Hampshire, that Trump cannot win elections at the national level; or raise the issue of indictments, had no effect on the electorate.

DeSantis also appears to be in free fall. Despite a shift in strategy, and a staff reshuffle — with more than 30 layoffs — the Florida governor continues to slip in the polls. He would also lose in his state and his performances are also deficient in the major constitutions of the GOP. In other words, he has only 9% of the over 65s and 13% of the least educated voters, two crucial categories for success within the Republican Party.

Trump can sleep between two pillows especially in the light that no other credible challenger has emerged. The data place the various Pence, Haley, Tim Scott at 3%. If these too magically disappeared and a duel between DeSantis and Trump remained, the latter would get 62% of the votes.

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Here is the money the Biden family has collected from abroad. So the Republicans aim to frame the president by our correspondent Alberto Simoni July 31, 2023

The poll comes six months after the start of the primaries (January 15 caucus in Iowa) and three weeks before the televised debate between the contenders in Milwaukee. However, the investigations into the former president weigh on the race and although they have so far prompted his consent, they remain an unknown factor.

In an analysis of the electoral flows photographed by the poll, the New York Times highlighted that never at this point in the primaries had a candidate had more than 20 points ahead of his first rival.

Populist, conservative, working class and convinced that the nation is on the brink of disaster; this is the identikit of the Trump voter with unshakeable faith. And MAGA (Make America Great Again) represents 37% of the Republican base. They support Trump not despite the indictments and judicial troubles, but precisely because they don’t believe in the veracity of the allegations. One figure the New York Times revealed from its poll says that of 319 respondents in the “MAGA category,” none say Trump has committed federal crimes and only 2 percent say he did anything wrong in handling Mar- a-Lake. These are signs that maybe DeSantis will be able to gnaw at something, but the foundations of Trump’s consensus are very solid.

The other element is non-MAGA conservative and Republican voters. They can be divided into two blocks, those who do not like Trump but who are willing to support him, both in the primaries and after; and those who will never support it. The latter group represents 25% of primary voters and do not want to support the tycoon even in the general election. Their first option will be to not vote.

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