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Shooting in Kansas City after Super Bowl parade

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Shooting in Kansas City after Super Bowl parade

The shooting took place at Union Station on Wednesday, just seconds after the Kansas Chiefs NFL team left the stage.

The victory parade after the team’s victory in the Super Bowl passed through Kansas City, Missouri on Wednesday, and was rounded off at the stadium.

When the shots broke out, the crowd began to disperse, and people took cover, local media reports.

– Everyone in the vicinity must leave the area as quickly and safely as possible to facilitate the treatment of the gunshot victims, they wrote on X.

At a press conference shortly before 00:30 on Thursday Norwegian time, police chief Stacey Graves says that at least 22 people were shot during the incident.








One of those who was shot has been confirmed dead. According to American media, this is local DJ Lisa Galvan-Lopez.

Eight of the injured have life-threatening injuries, while seven people are seriously injured, the police say.

– I am heartbroken. I hope this is the last time this happens in Kansas City, says Mayor Quinton Lucas at a press conference on Wednesday evening.

Several children among the wounded

Photos and videos from locations show several shooting victims wearing Kansas City Chiefs uniforms. There are also several children among the injured: many had brought the whole family to celebrate the Super Bowl victory.

Children’s Merchy Hospital tells NBC that they are treating 12 people after the shooting, and that nine of these have gunshot wounds. Most are children between the ages of six and 15.

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– Fear. The one word I would use to describe what we saw, and how they felt when they came to us, is fear, says Stephanie Meyer at the hospital to the channel.

Photos show a person being arrested by the police. Photo: ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS / AFP

Three arrested

The police announced on Wednesday evening that two armed persons had been arrested in connection with the shooting, the police said. On the night of Thursday, they state that a third person has also been arrested.

A video circulating on social media shows several people in the crowd gaining control of one person.

– We are now working to find out if one of the three is the person who is in the video where the fans help the police, says police chief Graves.

Police say they have seized several weapons.

– I am angry about what happened today. The people who came to this celebration should have expected a safe environment, says police chief Stacey Graves.

Norske Theodor: – Belittled by friends and family

Norwegian Kansas City Chiefs legend Jan Stenerud (81) was present at the parade when the shooting began.

– The day of jubilation turned into sorrow, he says to VG.

Norwegian Theodor Borge is on exchange in a town just outside Kansas City.

He was right at Union Station shortly before the shooting took place. Fortunately, Borge was away from the area when the shooting began.

– I was humiliated by friends and family when it became known what happened. Luckily we got away. We saw helicopters heading towards the square when we were heading towards the car, he says to VG.

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Biden wants gun reform

According to the mass murder database that The Associated Press and USA Today run in collaboration with Northeastern University, 3,020 people have lost their lives in 580 mass murders in the United States since 2006.

So far this year, the database shows 27 people killed.

US President Joe Biden reacts strongly to the Kansas City shooting, and again asks for a ban on so-called assault weapons, writes NTB.

– Today’s events should compel us, shock us, make us so ashamed that we act, he says in a statement from the White House.

Biden is asking Americans to contact their congressional representatives “so we can finally ban assault weapons, limit high-capacity magazines, strengthen background checks and keep guns out of the hands of those who shouldn’t own or handle them.”

Opposition to tightening America’s liberal gun laws is strong among Republicans, who hold a majority in the House of Representatives.

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