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Shot on film set with Alec Baldwin: those responsible for the weapons found guilty

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Shot on film set with Alec Baldwin: those responsible for the weapons found guilty

The young woman faces one and a half years in prison. In this case, however, a lot remains unclear.

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, 26, was found guilty by a jury on Wednesday.

Luis Sanchez Saturno / Pool

It was a case that attracted a lot of attention in the film world and beyond. The American actor Alec Baldwin practiced a scene while filming the western “Rust”. Baldwin, playing a cowboy, pulled out a revolver, pointed it toward the camera and fired. The woman behind the camera, 41-year-old Halyna Hutchins, was fatally injured and the film’s director was hit in the shoulder. The weapon was loaded with real ammunition instead of blank cartridges. That was on October 21, 2021. Now there has been a first conviction in the case.

26-year-old Hannah Gutierrez-Reed was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. She was responsible for the use of weapons and appropriate safety precautions on the film set. She had loaded the revolver that Baldwin had used in the shooting. The sentence will be announced at a later date. She faces up to one and a half years in prison.

Film crew complains about lack of security on set

Gutierrez-Reed’s case was heard by a jury in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The public prosecutor’s office accuses her of not properly checking the cartridges when loading the revolver. According to the public prosecutor, she should have realized that it was real ammunition.

Shortly after the incident in October 2021, film crew members said that Gutierrez-Reed was overwhelmed and had consumed alcohol and drugs at work.

In addition to the charge of negligent homicide, she also had to answer in court for the charge of tampering with evidence. A crew member testified that after the fatal shot, Gutierrez-Reed asked her on set to keep a bag of white powder for her. The jury acquitted Gutierrez-Reed of the charge on Wednesday.

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Alec Baldwin is also charged with manslaughter – he has to stand trial in July.

Pool / Reuters

Her lawyers argued she was made the scapegoat of a tragic accident. They accused the production company of skimping on safety precautions on set for cost reasons. Gutierrez-Reed herself worked two jobs – in addition to her role as weapons manager, she was also employed as a props technician. Gutierrez-Reed was overworked, her lawyers said.

Due to Covid restrictions, Gutierrez-Reed was also unable to attend all of the recordings. Even in scenes where weapons were used. And: She had no idea that there would be live ammunition on a film set.

But how did the live ammunition get onto the set? This central question has so far remained unanswered. Investigators discovered five real cartridges on the set after the incident. Prosecutors have accused Gutierrez-Reed of bringing her to the set. But evidence is missing.

Alec Baldwin’s trial begins in July

The actor Alec Baldwin, who was involved in the production of “Rust” as an actor and co-producer, is also charged with negligent homicide. Both Gutierrez-Reed and Baldwin have always denied blame.

The charges against Alec Baldwin were initially dropped in April last year. Further investigations and forensic analyzes are required, it said. In the fall, the special investigators in the case presented a new indictment against Baldwin. A jury in New Mexico examined the submission and decided in January to re-indict Baldwin. The trial against him will begin in July.

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