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Shygirl, review of her album Club Shy (2024)

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Shygirl, review of her album Club Shy (2024)

That your friends are annoying is not always so bad. But ask them Shygirl. If hers hadn’t been crap, as she commented in a post-release tweet, we would never have gotten to hear her EP straight out of the studio, “Club Shy”. Six songs, which could have remained simple demos kept under lock and key, where having a good time at the club is the imperative. And what would a good party be without all the guests? For this job, the British woman surrounds herself with the best company. An EP of collaborations. From Empress Of singing in Spanish to Kingdom adding its alternative r&b flavors with UK bass, passing through old acquaintances like Boys Noize, Sega Bodega and incorporating other new ones SG Lewis or Cosha.

His universe is something like the lost brother of his EP “ALIAS” of 2020 but this time much more fun, casual and bright. Something like a reinterpretation of dance, of the club, from the late nineties and 2000s. A euphoric work in itself, in which we can affirm that the British woman is finally having a good time. After all, it is a reflection of her homonymous parties that began in 2022 in London and took her to Los Angeles, Chicago, Brazil and New York accompanied by true entertainment fans such as PinkPantheress, VTSS, LSDXOXO or Charli XCX.

Their songs are light and playful, the preamble to getting what you want as in “tell me” –along with Boyz Noise. And in others, his self-awareness turns any criticism into an opportunity to be in a neon and liquid metal club that resonates while you keep opening bottles: “Who needs to be real?I want it fake, bitch” A non-stop album that, in a matter of fifteen minutes, can liven up any party. Play it safe and get it right. And although we don’t find great experimentation, it turns out to be a brilliant consecration of the vibrant city night sound that always accompanies it.

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