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Silje Opseth fell badly after a monster jump in Vikersund – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

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Silje Opseth fell badly after a monster jump in Vikersund – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

– Damn it. It’s been quite a morning. What a rollercoaster. But this is so crazy fun. I have no words, says Opseth to NRK shortly after the world record jump of 230.5 meters – four and a half meters longer than the previous world record.

Opseth was in tears in the interview with NRK after the world record jump, which came around an hour and a half after the fall in the test round.

– I was determined to get straight up and jump again after I went on the nose in the test round. When I go downhill on big hills there is zero fear. That I can make that jump, I’m actually a little proud of that, says Opseth.

– It has been the rollercoaster of the ages. You can safely say that, says coach Christian Meyer, who himself was in tears in the NRK interview.

Video: Jorunn Hatling / NRK

In the first round, Opseth jumped 203 meters and was in second place, only behind teammate Eirin Maria Kvandal before the final round.

In the second half, she jumped a total of 230.5 meters and set a world record.

– I’m in a bit of pain. It stings a little. But I still think I’m quite high on adrenaline, so it will probably get worse during the evening, says Opseth about her bloody face.

SMILING: The smile was quickly back for Opseth.

Photo: Brede Bleiklie Thomassen / NRK

Dramatic drop in the test round

Kvandal won the race and also Raw Air overall after a jump of 212 meters in the second half.

– I don’t know if there are any pictures of it, but at least I cheered at the top. It’s really big, says Kvandal about her teammate’s world record.

DOUBLE JOY: Eirin Maria Kvandal (left) could cheer for victory in Raw Air, while Silje Opseth (right) set a world record.

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Photo: Brede Bleiklie Thomassen / NRK

Before the run, Opseth had a personal record of 215.5 meters, but was unable to stay on her feet when she landed at 236.5 meters in the trial round.

– It sucked, quite simply. I flew well, had good control and went in well for landing, and then it was just an abrupt stop. I didn’t have time to think too much. I just spun around. I haven’t seen it myself yet. I don’t have to do that either until we’re done here, Opseth said of the fall.

Only 40–45 minutes after the fall, she was back in action when she jumped in the first round.

– This is the funnest thing I know about, and it is this race that I have been looking forward to all season. It was not appropriate not to go up and jump even if it was a bit of a challenge in the trial round, she said.

OUT ON YOUR OWN MACHINE: Silje Opseth on her way out of the hill after falling in the test round.

Photo: NTB

Granerud: – It looked completely sick

Teammate Anna Odine Strøm spoke to Opseth shortly after the fall.

– She was fine. She thinks it was a bit of a shame that she fell, as it was such a good jump. But it seemed that she was at her full five and she was very ready to jump again. The doctor also assessed that she was ready for it, Strøm told NRK.

Strøm said that it was “just” a scratch for Opseth.

– It seemed like she just wanted to get up, says Strøm about Opseth.

Halvor Egner Granerud was on the bus on the way to the hill when Opseth fell. He saw the fall shortly after.

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– It looked absolutely sick. She’s kicking ass. It was a dramatic fall, said Granerud.

– What she does in the first half is completely sick. I think everyone in the athletes’ village was incredibly impressed. After all, she delivers a cannon jump in the first half as well. It shows a sick guts. I am very impressed, he continued.

The Raw Air manager: – Really bad

Sunday’s race is the last in this year’s Raw Air for the women, where Norwegian Eirin Maria Kvandal had a clear lead of 53.5 points down to Eva Pinkelnig before the last two jumps.

Kvandal stood up at the top and waited when Opseth fell.

– It’s terrible. Really bad. You hear that things are going a long way and then you only hear “is Silje doing well”?. It is absolutely a crisis. Now I heard that she is at least using her own machine and got out of the ground herself. Then I lowered my shoulders a little myself, she told NRK shortly after Opseth’s fall.

There are a total of 17 jumpers taking part in the women’s race, a race which is the first World Cup race in ski flying for women. Last year, the women also jumped in Vikersund, but then the race was not part of the World Cup. At the time, it was the first women’s gliding race.

Drops the World Cup final

While the men end the World Cup season with ski flying in Planica next week, there is a race in the normal slope at the same place on the program for the women.

Opseth hopes the women will now get the chance in the other ski flying slopes in the coming seasons.

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– I end the season here. The plan was to jump the NM on Tuesday, but we’ll see how the body is. I think we will be trampled more when we have to finish in Planica. I have made other plans and do not intend to time travel.

Race director of the International Ski and Snowboard Federation, Chika Yoshida, explains that the race in Planica came in as a replacement for a canceled race in Zao, Japan, earlier in the season.

– The application came already last year from Planica and there are questions that are up to date. We have to analyze this season and then we will decide together with our experts, says Yoshida about the possibilities for the women to also jump ski flying in Planica.

Instead of a trip to Slovenia, there will now be a trip to Thailand for the new world record holder.

– It will be a holiday trip. It will be nice with this face, Opseth says smiling.

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