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Silvio Berlusconi hospitalized in San Raffaele

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Silvio Berlusconi hospitalized in San Raffaele

breaking latest news – Ll’ex premier Silvio Berlusconi was admitted to the San Raffaele hospital in Milan. He is located in the department of ordinary staywhere he will spend the night. The hospitalization took place to carry out tests already scheduled for chronic myelomonocytic leukemia.

The Forza Italia leader was discharged three weeks ago, after 45 days of hospitalization, first in intensive care and then in the ordinary ward for a lung infection due to complications of chronic leukemia.

Tomorrow a summit was scheduled in his villa in Arcore with the ‘general staff’ of Forza Italia.

The first medical bulletin

“President Silvio Berlusconi is currently hospitalized in the San Raffaele Hospital for the execution of program checksti in relation to the known haematological pathology. The anticipation, to date, of these checks meets the clinical criteria of normal practice in medicine and is not related to any criticality or alarm “. This was reported by the medical bulletin issued by the Professors Alberto Zangrillo e Fabio Ciceri.

Best wishes from Salvini

“Come on Silvio”, with the emoticon of the gesture of encouragement and a photo of the FI leader: Matthew Salvinion social media, thus addresses his best wishes to Silvio Berlusconi following his new hospitalization.

In the afternoon, the leader of the League also telephoned Berlusconi. The call occurred during a break in the processo Open Arms underway in Palermo and which sees the minister accused, the League needs to know. It was an opportunity for an affectionate greeting: Salvini asked for reassurance about the President’s health. The two also exchanged a couple of jokes about football, it is reported.

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Marina Berlusconi visits the San Raffaele

Marina Berlusconi, daughter of the leader of Forza Italia Silvio and president of the Arnoldo Mondadori and Finivest group, has just entered the driveway of the San Raffaele hospital to visit her father, who has been hospitalized again. The former premier was discharged on 19 May after 45 days of hospitalization to treat a pulmonary complication due to a myelomonocytic leukemia breaking latest news.

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