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Sinner-Rune 2-1 live ATP Montecarlo: follow the match LIVE

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Sinner-Rune 2-1 live ATP Montecarlo: follow the match LIVE

MONTECARLO – In the quarter finals dell’Atp Montecarlothird Masters 1000 of the clay court season, after beating StruffJannik Sinner he also surpasses Holger Rune in three sets (6-4, 6-7(6), 6-3) and earns a place in semi-final against Tsitsipas. Follow the challenge live…


Sinner suffers but wins in almost three hours

Sinner suffers, takes risks, but in the end wins in three sets 6-4, 6-7(6), 6-3 a match that lasted two hours and 41 minutes of play.


Sinner: “Rune? I stayed focused on myself”

“It was a difficult match, with ups and downs. I had two match points in the second set and it can happen. I was good at staying very focused on myself”. This is how Jannik Sinner comments on the victory in the quarter-finals of the ATP tournament in Monte Carlo against the Dane Holger Rune. READ EVERYTHING


Sinner in the semi-final against Tsitsipas

The Greek Tsitsipas, who beat Khachanov in two sets in the quarterfinals, will be Sinner’s opponent in the semifinals in Monte Carlo.


Sinner wins, 6-3 in the third set!

Perfect turn of serve, Sinner wins a really tough and difficult match: third set closed 6-3.


Break by Sinner: needed for the match!

Break by Sinner in the most delicate moment of the third set: 5-3 and now he serves for the match.


Sinner-Rune 3-3

Rune doesn’t struggle to bring home the 3-3 game, Sinner in difficulty in response.


Sinner saves a palla break: 3-2

Sinner takes a risk but in the end saves a break point and wins the game also thanks to three errors in a row by Rune: 3-2.


Rune fa 2-2

With an ace and a comeback, Rune closes the fourth game of the decisive set and makes two deuce.


Sinner-Rune 2-1

Sinner holds the service turn and extends by a game. He now serves Rune.


Sinner-Rune 1-1 in the third set

The third set begins with the game won by Sinner and with Rune’s response, which keeps pace: 1-1. Worth noting are a couple of truly remarkable drops from the Dane.


Rune wins the second set

Rune overturns a very difficult situation and wins the second set 7-6(6).


Rune cancels due match point

From 6-4 to 6-6, Rune cancels two match points.


Sinner’s mini break: 5-3!

Great backhand passer from Sinner who wins a mini break and takes the lead to 5-3.

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Sinner-Rune 3-3 at the change of ends

Sinner’s forehand seems long, even the referee remains in doubt and has it repeated. Then Jannik takes the point and it goes 3-3.


Sinner ahead 2-1

First point by Rune, then twice by Sinner: 2-1 for Jannik.


Sinner-Rune, si va al tie-break!

Impeccable service from the blue player who takes the second set to a tie-break.


Sinner-Rune 5-6

Everything happens in this 11th game, a very long one also due to the behavior of the Dane, punished by the chair umpire. Rune first goes down 40-0 then cancels three break points and guarantees the tie-break.


Warning per Rune!

The referee awards a warning to the Dane, who stalls too long on serve. Rune replies polemically, miming the “blah, blah, blah” gesture, to the public who had urged the race director to “punish” his behavior. The chair umpire then assigns 30-0 to Sinner and that’s when the Dane loses his head and asks for the intervention of the supervisor who instead confirms the referee’s decision. READ EVERYTHING

Montecarlo, Rune goes crazy in front of Sinner: all the PHOTOS


Sinner-Rune 5-5

Sinner resolves a very dangerous game by keeping the innings scoreless, without risking anything.


Sinner-Rune 4-5

The second set gets complicated for Sinner. Rune takes the lead to 5-4 by taking advantage of the serving serve. Now the blue will be used to stay in the set.


Sinner-Rune 4-4

Second set played point by point in which Sinner managed to hold well and take home the game.


Sinner-Rune 3-4

Rune takes the batting turn and this time he is solid at bat and manages to take the lead again.


Sinner-Rune 3-3

Sinner lost two points on serve in this set, the blue is fantastic in defense and closes one of the most competitive legs of the match.


Sinner-Rune 2-3

Five consecutive points for Rune who got out of trouble very well. A 0-40 not exploited by Sinner which effectively allowed the Dane to move up.


Sinner-Rune 2-2

Quick game for Sinner who slips away without a hitch.


Sinner-Rune 1-2

The Dane takes the lead again in the second set after a good series of rallies. In the end he wins the game by keeping the innings scoreless.


Sinner-Rune 1-1

Game played perfectly by Sinenr who holds serve at zero.


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Sinner-Rune 0-1

Three consecutive points for Rune from 15-30. The Dane starts well and wins the first game of the second set.


Sinner wins the first set!

Substantial domination by Sinner who wins the first set of the match against Rune, winning 6-4. Just one break even though there seemed to be many more.


Sinner-Rune 5-4

Rune keeps the innings and reduces the run. Now, after the change of court, Sinner will serve to consolidate the break.


Sinner-Rune 5-3

Rune starts forward and goes up to 30-14, then Sinner reacts and holds serve to further extend the lead


Sinner-Rune 4-3

After suffering the break, excellent reaction from Rune who closes the serve to zero and shortens the distance.


Sinner-Rune 4-2

The partial lengthens further with Sinner consolidating the break. The blue has won eleven of the last thirteen points.


Break per Sinner!

Seven points to one in favor of Sinner since he canceled Rune’s break point. Now the break is for the blue who takes the lead to 3-2.


Sinner-Rune 2-2

Sinner gives Rune the equalizer after a double fault. The Dane wins the first break point of the set which however the blue cancels with a forehand.


Sinner-Rune 1-2

Third ace of the match for Rune who took the lead again in the set after Sinner had taken the lead at 30-30.


Sinner-Rune 1-1

Sinner also holds his serve with an ace and wins his first game in the set.


Sinner-Rune 0-1

Two aces in this turn of serve for Rune who opens the set by holding the turn of serve.


Sinner-Rune, via all gara!

The second quarter-final of the Monte Carlo ATP begins. Runes of service.


Sinner-Rune, all ready in Monte Carlo

All ready at Court Rainier III with Sinner and Rune who took to the field to warm up. The match will start soon.


Sinner: “I feel at home in Monte Carlo”

Montecarloper Jannik Sinner and how casa: “I really like the support you hear here. It’s wonderful for me and for all of Italian tennis, which is growing so much. We are very close to Italy here: I try to make the best of this situation.” these are the words of the blue after the success against Struff.


Sinner, the highlights of the victory over Struff

While waiting to see Jannik Sinner on the pitch for the match against Rune, here are the highlights of the success against Struff. (CLICK HERE).

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Monte Carlo, Tsitsipas is the first finalist

The Greek won in two sets, 6-4, 6-2, su Karen Khachanov and now awaits the winner of the challenge between Sinner e Rune.


Sinner, the route to Monte Carlo

Jannik Sinner reaches the quarter-finals of the Monte Carlo tournament after having prevailed first over Korda and then over Struff, without having conceded even a set to their opponents.


Sinner: “This is what my goal is”

At the end of the match against Struff the Italian spoke about the future in the press conference: “Being number 2 is a great satisfaction, but this shouldn’t be the goal.” (READ EVERYTHING).


Sinner-Rune, match time

Now on the field TsitsipasKhachanovat the end of the challenge taking place at Court Rainier III the confrontation between Sinner e Rune.


Sinner-Rune, the previous ones

Jannik Sinner e Rune they met in be usedi: the Dane is ahead 2-1 in the previous matches even if in the last match at the Nitto Finals the Italian prevailed after a three-set marathon.


Sinner finishes warming up

Jannik Sinner finishes the warm-up. The Italian has completed his preparations for the match against Rune, scheduled in about an hour.


Sinner, the shots attempted during the warm-up

Sinner focused on numerous details, trying to take advantage of the warm-up to improve some game situations: he attempted to force the return on the serve, the backhand down the line and the forehand down the line.


Sinner, warming up before the challenge with Rune

Sinner will take the field against the Dane in just under two hours. Meanwhile, the Italian is engaged in a training session to better prepare for the challenge.


Sinner-Rune in Monte Carlo: where to see it on TV and in streaming

The match of the quarters of the Monegasque Masters 1000 final between Sinner and Rune will be broadcast exclusively on Sky Sport on the Sky Sport Uno (201) and Sky Sport Tennis (203) channels. It will also be possible to follow the match in streaming on Sky Go and NOW. Furthermore, a live text will be available on the website Corriere dello Sport-Stadio.

Monte Carlo Country Club – Court Rainier III

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