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SK Rapid :: Rapid InvestTOR 2.0: Continuation of a crowd investing success story

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SK Rapid :: Rapid InvestTOR 2.0: Continuation of a crowd investing success story

In 2015, SK Rapid, together with CONDA, launched Rapid InvestTOR, Austria’s most successful crowdinvesting project to date. To date, with a total volume of three million euros, it is ranked first among crowdinvestings in Austrian football.

At that time, three tranches of one million euros each with different terms (five, seven and nine years) were launched and around 1,500 people quickly ensured that the funding limit was reached. Since then, the annual interest has been paid out on time and investors who chose the shorter terms have received their investments back with a profit. The payment for the variant with a 9-year term is scheduled to follow at the end of December 2024.

Success, demand & satisfaction result in Rapid InvestTOR 2.0

Not everyone who wanted to invest at the time was able to do so; in 2015/16 there was even a waiting list. This is also why there has long been consideration of a new edition of green and white crowd investing. When a survey of the participants in the first crowd investing event at the beginning of this year brought an outstanding response in terms of quantity and quality (including a satisfaction rate of around 98 percent), it was finally clear that we would work together with CONDA Capital Market under the motto “Together a green-white future “design” to start Rapid InvestTOR 2.0.

This will be offered in two, independent tranches (Tranche 1: term 5 years; Tranche 2: term 10 years) with a funding limit of initially 1.5 million euros each. Both offer extremely attractive interest rates, while those on the longer-term variant are slightly higher. In addition to the attractive base interest rates (between 5 and 8.5%), investors can also benefit from bonus interest rates of varying levels when the SK Rapid men’s professional team takes part in the group phases of the three UEFA competitions (between 1 and 6%, depending on the competition). What is new is the option to choose interest, which includes the usual variant of interest payment in cash, but also the new one in the form of vouchers, which can be used, among other things, to purchase tickets (annual or day tickets including SK Rapid Business Club) or merchandising can, gives.

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The official subscription period begins after the last Bundesliga game of the current season; club members and those people who were already part of the first Rapid InvestTOR will have the right to pre-subscribe. Depending on the investment volume (minimum sum 250 euros), attractive bonuses are also available.

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