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Slovakian Prime Minister Eduard Heger has resigned

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Slovakian Prime Minister Eduard Heger has resigned

Eduard Heger, the prime minister of Slovakia, a member of the populist-inspired Common People party, he said that he asked the President of the Republic Zuzana Caputova to be relieved of his post after the resignation of several ministers, which in recent days had weakened his government. Now Caputova will have to appoint a caretaker government in view of the early elections scheduled for next 30 September. According to various media, the caretaker government will be headed by Ludivit Odor, current deputy governor of the Slovak National Bank.

Last September, the liberal-inspired Freedom and Solidarity (Sas) party of former economy minister Richard Sulik withdrew from the government coalition, accusing Heger of incompetence and of not having fulfilled the commitments undertaken to fight corruption. In mid-December Heger’s government had fallen following the vote of no confidence requested by Freedom and Solidarity: Heger had continued to govern ad interim pending the elections.

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