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Socunbohemio, breaking latest news of his concert in Barcelona (2023)

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Socunbohemio, breaking latest news of his concert in Barcelona (2023)

Artur Viñas, better known as Socunbohemioappeared this past Thursday in a full La Nau (Barcelona) to present what has been his debut album “Tales of the Four Seasons”. Thirteen songs long that is structured around four singles, already known, dedicated to each season and a reference to the cycle of Erich Rommer films. The young man from Barcelona showed his imagination in a quick show in which he performed some songs from his latest album, as well as some of his other hits.

With a set design by Paloma Lamber, who created different spaces with key elements within the world of Socunbohemio (like the chair that appears on the cover of the single “The things I don’t like about you”, a nod to Manel), Artur Viñas (voice, guitar and piano), Gerard López (guitar), Òscar Acón (drums) and Biel Colomer (keyboards and production) performed on stage. Formation in which a classical proposal predominated in which the guitars were in charge of the most melodic part, together with the keyboards, while the percussion was marked by the drums. But they didn’t need more. The delicate voice of Artur Viñas filled the room to receive us with “Tale of the 4 Seasons” in a first part in which he showed us the diversity of his recordings that flow between folk, pop and indie. In the most dynamic first part of the show, the Catalan singer-songwriter performed the nostalgic “His words are carried away by the wind”, the pinkfloydiana “We are so little”Count of Spring” and the splendid “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” to fully immerse ourselves in this new project. With an audience elated to hear the start of the well-known “Julia”, the place was filled with uniform choirs to interpret the song of one of the most frequent characters in the discography of Socunbohemio.

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The Barcelona public gave themselves up from the very first song and chanted to the letter all the songs by the performer, who, somewhat shyly, interacted with his audience to ask if they were enjoying the concert or present the songs he was singing. To continue, as he said, “with a sadder moment” the melancholic began to sound “The Outsider” y “Autumn Tale”which were followed by “To our lovers” in a second and last part that finished offering us the new songs included in the disc. “I don’t want you to ever forget me”, “The things I don’t like about you”, “Winter’s tale” and “Afternoons without you” They were the final four songs of a very intimate show with which he connected with the listeners thanks to the poeticity of his lyrics. Finally, after shouts from the audience of “no n’hi ha prou” the group returned to the stage in an encore where they performed “Summer Tale” y “The story that never ends”.

The whole show was very short, in fact, it lasted about an hour, but it was worth it to be able to enjoy and enjoy the imaginary of Socunbohemio. Artur Viñas definitely showed that he is an artist within the country’s emerging scene that is here to stay. With that very personal universe, but at the same time so recognizable to anyone who listens to him, he gave us a show that has allowed us to get to know from within the story that takes place between the four seasons of the year, an infinite story in terms of both the seasons and the relationships, which are cyclical.

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