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“Soleada”, aroma of a summer road movie with Adiós Amores

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“Soleada”, aroma of a summer road movie with Adiós Amores

The Andalusian duo Adiós Amores already has an official presentation date for what will be their album to be published in October, “The way”. It will be on November 11 at Sala El Sol in Madrid. There their new songs will be presented in society, among them is “Soleada”.

To share “Soleada”, Adiós Amores have released a clip in which Ana and Iman star in a sort of summer road movie with echoes that go from Bonnie and Clyde to Thelma and Louise, but maintaining that playful freshness to which we have been accustomed since their first singles, halfway between the pop of the seventies and the most precious French voices, all peppered with the essence of Dusty Springfield or Bill Withers.

As for the video clip, it has been directed by Big horse and edited by David Diazwith their own script goodbye loveswho also produce the song, which he has recorded and mixed Raúl Pérez in La Mina.

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