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Somalia, suicide attack on the recruits’ barracks

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At least 15 army recruits were killed and 20 wounded in a suicide bombing in a military training camp in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu. Mohamed Adan, Army officer, told the agency Reuters that the bomber had mingled with the recruits queuing outside the general’s military camp Deaf when the explosion occurred.

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According to Adan, the death toll could be higher. The wounded were taken to the Madina hospital in Mogadishu. No immediate claims for the attack, the bloodiest in the capital in 18 months. In December 2019, 81 people were killed by a suicide car bomb at a checkpoint in the city center, while the latest significant assault on a hotel killed 11 people in August 2020.

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Hotels and security checks are commonly attacked in Somalia. Somalia has been mired in interconnected crises for the past 30 years, with repeated attacks of civil war, clan conflict, armed rebellion, famine and political instability. In recent months, tension has risen after the president’s attempt Mohamed Farmajo to further extend his mandate: the extension, already voted in Parliament, had aroused harsh protests and stimulated pressure from the international community, to the point that Farmajo preferred to give up and ask for new elections and then start the designation of a new president.

Somalia: suicide car bomb attack in a restaurant in Mogadishu. “At least 20 dead”


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