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Song makes Juliette protest for Marajó Island – 02/22/2024 – Illustrated

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Song makes Juliette protest for Marajó Island – 02/22/2024 – Illustrated

Some of the ex-BBBs with the most followers on social media, such as Eliezer, Juliette and Rafa Kalimannin addition to influencer Virginia Fonseca, are replicating in posts complaints against the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents on Marajó Island, in Pará.

The matter came to light when singer Aymêe’s interpretation of the song “Evangelho de Fariseus” went viral on social media. She chose this composition of hers to participate in the semi-final of the Dom Reality program, a kind of The Voice focused on the gospel genre, which took place last Thursday.

The lyrics of “Gospel of Pharisees” criticize human rights violations on the island. “Meanwhile, in Marajó/ João disappeared/ Waiting for the harvesters of the great harvest/ The Amazon burns/ A child dies/ The animals leave/ Overheated by the brothers’ ego”, says the lyrics.

After the presentation went viral, influencers began to mobilize on social media. “We call on politicians, authorities and public bodies for action and responses. Aymêe, your voice echoed”, wrote Juliette, in a story on her Instagram account.

“It is our duty, as public figures, to make this case even better known to people. It is our duty as citizens to point the finger and give voice to such an absurd cause that people in precarious conditions are experiencing,” said Rafa Kalimann.

Eliezer, in turn, said he couldn’t even sleep, thinking about the song. In Brazil, the worst human development index (HDI) is attributed to an island in the Marajó archipelago, Melgaço. The issue of sexual abuse of children and adolescents is historic in the area.

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In April 2006, complaints about these abuses reached the president of the Commission on Human Rights, Minorities and Racial Equality in the Chamber of Deputies. At the time, the bishop emeritus of Marajó, Monsignor Dom José Luiz Azcona, noted the sexual abuse of teenagers in the region and presented the complaint to the authorities.

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