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Sophie Elise: The girlfriend: – I was terrified

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Sophie Elise: The girlfriend: – I was terrified

In the second podcast episode of Sofie Steen Isachsen’s (29) podcast “Snart mamma” on Podme, her boyfriend and partner, Vegard Jørstad (31), is a guest.

This is the first time Jorstad has spoken openly about their relationship and life together, as he has not wanted to be a public figure.

Isachsen and Jorstad have previously had a relationship with each other, when they were teenagers. Now they are lovers again, and expecting a little boy.

“Full circle”, Isachsen calls it.

In the episode, they share their thoughts about the pregnancy, and that the pregnancy has not been worry-free, after they lost a child last year.

“Is this going to break us?”

Jørstad describes the day as the heaviest in his life.

He says that he collapsed at work and burst into tears.

The message was difficult for both of them to take in. They had bought a teddy bear for the child, and started preparing for the role of parents.

Isachsen and Jorstad’s relationship was very fresh when they lost their child, which made Isachsen afraid of the future with Jørstad.

Further in the podcast, the 29-year-old says that she asked herself: “is this going to break us?”.

After the couple learned that Isachsen was no longer pregnant, she went to Trondheim to get away, and to be with her boyfriend.

Got pregnant again

After three months, the couple found out they were expecting a child again, which the influencer described as “heavy”, because she was afraid of losing another child.

– It took a long time before I was able to relax. I was terrified. The greatest joy in life was supposed to be a beautiful thing, then it just became a nightmare, says Jørstad about the fear of losing the child.

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Even after twelve weeks, they could not find peace.

Isachsen says that it was not until recently that the concerns and fears have begun to calm down.

Still afraid

For the roommate, the fear still lingers a little.

– I still walk and trip around a bit, and am afraid that you will call me or send a message. Or that something must have happened when I’m at work, he says and adds:

– I haven’t met the kid, but my God, I feel so attached to the little kicks and heartbeats. Also that we have seen his face on the ultrasound image, and that we have given him a name.

Even with confirmation from a doctor who says that everything is fine, the couple can’t quite shake off the lingering worries.

But they do not hide that they are looking forward more and more to meeting their son.

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