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South Korea also requires my country to revoke coal export ban after Japan-Shangbao Indonesia

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January 09, 2022 21:15 PM


Yeo Han-koo, Minister of Trade of the Republic of Korea

[Indonesia CNBC Jakarta]After the proposal to revoke my country’s coal export ban on Japan, another East Asian country has now made the same request, and that is South Korea.

The South Korean government, through the Minister of Trade, Yeo Han-koo, claimed that he expressed concern about the policies of the Chinese government and strongly urged the government to cooperate in lifting the coal export ban and resume coal export activities as before.

South Korean Minister of Trade Yeo immediately held an online meeting with my country’s Minister of Trade Muhammad Lutfi to put forward the request of the South Korean government.

The Yonhap News Agency (YNA) quoted an official statement from the South Korean Ministry of Trade last Friday as saying, “The Minister of Trade conveyed the South Korean government’s concern about the Indonesian coal export ban policy and requested the Indonesian government to cooperate vigorously to immediately resume coal shipments (exports).”

The two ministers agreed on the importance of global supply network cooperation and emphasized the need for bilateral efforts to establish a stable commodity supply chain.

Earlier, Kanasugi Kenji, the Japanese ambassador to my country, wrote to the Chinese government that the country’s high-calorie coal, which is not normally used in power plants, can still be shipped to the cherry blossom country.

Kenji asked the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to revoke the coal export ban. The reason is that some Japanese power plants and manufacturers rely on coal imported from our country.

On the occasion of my country’s policy of banning coal exports on January 1, 2022, the global coal price has risen to US$196.5 per ton.

ICE Newcastle (Newcastle) exchange records, the commodity price reached the highest price this year last Thursday, that is, the January contract price of $196.5 per ton. The price increased by 16.60 points compared with US$179.9 per ton on the previous trading day. (xin)


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