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Spain, Queen Letizia’s alleged lover: “I have received death threats, but not a comma portrait”

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Spain, Queen Letizia’s alleged lover: “I have received death threats, but not a comma portrait”

The Queen of Spain’s former brother-in-law, Jaime del Burgo, is in the storm, having said that he was her lover: a relationship that began before Letizia’s marriage to Felipe VI, in 2004, and continued afterward, for a year , in 2010. The man, a 54-year-old entrepreneur, claims to have received death threats but has not retracted them: “I don’t change a comma”, the truth is what it is”, he said in a post on then in Spanish.

“I was Queen Letizia’s lover”, ex-brother-in-law Jaime del Burgo sparks scandal at court in Spain 06 December 2023

At Zarzuela Palace, the private residence of the kings of Spain, the Royal Family pretends nothing has happened: they continue to participate in official events and have not said a word; but the gossip is on everyone’s lips and it is the kind that dwarfs the crises of the British royals, with the tantrums of Harry and Meghan. The alleged relationship was revealed by a journalist Jaime Penafiel, in his new book, Letizia and Me: he said he had collected del Burgo’s confidences, indeed that he had only written “1 percent” of what he told him told. Del Burgo took things up a notch by publishing an undated image on . She would be a selfie of Letizia when she was pregnant with one of her two daughters. She looks at herself in the mirror, wrapped in a pashmina and underneath her we read what would be the message she sent: «My love. I wear your scarf. It’s as if you feel at my side. She takes care of me. She protects me. I count the hours that separate us from seeing each other again. To love you. To get out of here.”

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The photo, viewed about ten million times on the social network, was then deleted. The post was accompanied by others, also deleted, in which del Burgo also describes other alleged romantic encounters with Letizia. “We have no comments to make on this matter,” a spokesperson for the Royal Palace limited himself to saying. In Penafiel’s book, 91 years old, Del Burgo also makes other revelations. That is, that Letizia was his “great love” and that his love story with the future queen began in 2002, when she was still a journalist.

Del Burgo adds that in 2004 he wanted to ask her to marry him and that he invited her to dinner in the garden of the Ritz Hotel: he had an engagement ring in his pocket, but he didn’t give it to her, because Letizia revealed to him that she had met the man who would have changed his life, «a diplomat», probably Felipe di Borbone. The two met again in May, the evening before the wedding: «When we met, she took my hand and asked me why I had never asked her to marry me», says Del Burgo, who portrays Letizia as the dominant figure in the relationship. “I didn’t answer. I encouraged her as much as I could. The last thing she said to me before saying goodbye was a plea: ‘Never leave me! ‘”.

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