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Spain to vote in Madrid, Barcelona and 12 regions: test for Sanchez 6 months before the elections

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Spain to vote in Madrid, Barcelona and 12 regions: test for Sanchez 6 months before the elections

Six months after the policies, the Spain goes to the polls for the renewal of administrations municipal all over the country. There is also a vote to choose the new governments of 12 regionsincluding that of Madridthe Community Valencianthe Balearics not Canaries. A potentially crucial double date also in key national. Several recent surveys on a national scale they give the Pp in the head and the Psoe second, but both far from the absolute majority threshold in Parliament. In the last few weeks, either Sánchez be the popular leader Alberto Núñez Feijóo they spent a lot of money personally to seduce the last undecided in view of today’s vote. According to a flash survey of the Center for Sociological Research (public body), to the municipal authorities the Psoe instead it is given overall the first party with (30.2%), the Pp second with 27.9%, while Vox e united We can they would be in third place, both with 8%.

An important round for Sanchez – Several analysts consider this electoral test particularly significant for the premier’s Socialist Party Pedro Sanchez, arrived in the meantime almost at the end of the term together with the partners of United We Can. At the last municipal elections, four years ago, the formation of the leader Iberian was the first force, with an advantage of about 1.6 million votes over the Popular Party. But now the distance it may have thinned appreciably, second recent polls. Is between socialists e allies (in some cases local formations of a progressive nature) the fear is that a possible post-electoral axis between the popular and the ultraconservatives of Vox could wrest control of several highly specific squares from the centre-left.

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The main cities – It should be borne in mind that in Spain there is no double shift for the municipal authorities (in which 66,845 Italians can also participate). Where no one reaches an absolute majority, the competing parties have about 20 days to reach coalition agreements; otherwise, the number one on the list with the most votes is elected mayor. The games between the two deployments politicians still appear decidedly open to Valencia e Seville, where a tripping by the center-right to the center-left mayors in office is not excluded (respectively, Joan Ribó e Antonio Muñoz). Also the control of the municipality of Barcelona remains in the balance, albeit with different balances between the forces in the field: contending for first place are the Socialist Party from the Catalonia, given a slight advantage, the separatists of Together for Catalonia and the list on the left Barcelona In Commonled by the outgoing mayor There is Colau. A Madridon the other hand, the current mayor, the popular, starts in pole position Jose Luis Martinez Almeidawhich may however need the support of other lists (starting from the same Vox) to secure a second term.

The administrative ones – As for administrative electionsthe eyes are mainly focused on the region of Madrid and on the Valencian Community, territories among the most populated in the country and whose political dynamics often strongly affect national ones. In the first case, everything suggests a new success for the current governor Isabel Diaz Ayusoone of the main figures of the PP, intent on obtaining a majority absolute which would allow her not to have to depend on agreements with Vox to rule. While in the region of Valenciathe centre-left coalition in government in the last legislature (with the socialist Ximo Puig as leader) and the centre-right start from a level playing field, according to forecasts on the eve.

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