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Spanish elections, pact for the union of the socialist left: Podemos says yes to Sumar (to try to repel the advance of the right)

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Spanish elections, pact for the union of the socialist left: Podemos says yes to Sumar (to try to repel the advance of the right)

The parties a left of the socialist party in Spain they could all run in coalition. The last knot was untied with an online vote of members of We canwhich was the last political force to give an answer on the hypothesis of union of the acronyms put forward by summerthe new entity founded by the Minister of Labour Yolanda Diazwhich will debut precisely in the early elections of 23 July. As known, Spain will go to the vote 5 months in advance compared to the natural expiry by decision of the prime minister Pedro Sanchez in the aftermath of the administrations that ended badly for the government parties and in particular for Podemos. At least seven other progressive parties and movements had so far pledged their electoral support for Sumar. This deal with We can – which comes within hours of the symbol submission deadline – is seen as fundamental in relation to the functioning of the Spanish electoral system which favors the larger political forces at the expense of the smaller ones: only with this union, specifically, socialists and them allies they may hope to make it more difficult for the gods to win popularwho present themselves to the vote as the favourites.

The confirmation, in contrastcomes from a last elaboration of data published by Tve, the public radio and TV, with an average of the main polls. According to these numbers – if the left were to be divided in the elections – the People’s Party would get the most votes and – by striking a deal with the post-Franco party of Vox – could have an absolute majority in the Congress. In particular the Pp led by the Galician governor Alberto Núñez Feijóowould get nearly 32% of the votes it would carry 137 seats, i.e. 48 deputies and 11 points more than in the 2019 elections. Vox would win 44 seats (compared to 52 in the previous Policies). And so together the right could count on 181 seats (the majority is 176). The second most voted party would be the Psoe (25 per cent of votes and 99 seats, three points and 21 deputies less than now), followed by Vox (14.4%, 44 seats), summer (12.1%, 27 deputies) e We can (2.8%, five seats). Thus, the left bloc made up of Psoe, Sumar and Podemos would have no more than 131 deputies, a considerably lower figure than the 155 that Psoe and Unidas Podemos brought together after the elections 4 years ago and with which they formed the current coalition of government, the first in Spanish democracy. Adding up the seats of the smaller parties (often autonomous and regional) that would enter Parliament and have facilitated – with votes in favor or abstentions – the investiture of Sànchez, the progressive front would still not exceed 158.

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But all this long list of numbers actually at this point – with the Sumar-Podemos coalition – could also change significantly now that the left of the government bloc has decided to go all together. However, it still remains to be understood how this agreement will be made. Nearly 93 percent of Podemos members voted in favor of giving the party’s national leadership carte blanche to make a decision on the matter. And the secretary of Podemos Ione Herb he explained that Sumar’s delegation asked for the minister of Equal Opportunities to be excluded from the first places in the list Irene Monteroone of the best known faces of the party, companion of the former leader Pablo Iglesiasbut above all the promoter of various laws, such as the abortion reformthe add trans (which the PP has said it wants to abolish) and also the one known as “only yes and yes” which qualifies sex without explicit consent as rape. Montero’s exclusion “seems to us an injustice and also a tremendous political error,” said Belarra, reporting that Montero placed herself at Podemos’ disposal to preserve unity. The Podemos leader then asked Yolanda Díaz and the other Sumar members not to impose “vetoes” in the formulation of electoral lists. So far, other actors involved in these complex political negotiations have instead denied that “vetoes” have been imposed by Díaz.

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