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Spectacular M-Hero to Norway before the summer

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Spectacular M-Hero to Norway before the summer

M-Hero represents a completely new car brand in the Norwegian market, and it is the model “I” (Roman numeral for 1) that will be rolled out in Norway before the summer. The M in the name stands for “Mengshi” – which means warrior in Chinese.

– The brand and the car come from the Chinese company Dongfeng, with whom Electric Way already works closely on the VOYAH brand. For various reasons, we have waited to introduce new models in the Norwegian market for the past year, but in 2024 there will be many exciting news from us, and it is really fun to start the rollout with M-Hero I, says Torje Aleksander Sulland, CEO in Electric Way.

Electric Way, a company wholly owned by the Sulland group, is the exclusive importer and distributor of the Chinese electric car brands VOYAH and M-Hero.

Over 1000 horsepower

The prototype of M-Hero was shown in China in 2022, and has long been referred to as an electric version of the off-road classic Hummer (Humvee) and Tesla’s Cybertruck.

– It’s not surprising when you look at the design, and this is a car that is state-of-the-art according to the 2024 standard. The details of the European version are not yet completely clear, but the car is a five-seater all-electric 4WD SUV. It has a total of four engines with a total output of 800 kW, which corresponds to 1088 hp. We are talking about a real powerhouse, says Sulland.

Other preliminary specifications are 4987 mm. (length), 2080 mm. (width), 1935 mm. (height), and wheelbase of 2950 mm. The battery capacity is expected to be 140 kWh (NMC battery), with a range of 505 km (NB: not confirmed WLTP). The net weight is over 3,000 kilograms.

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– You will think

– It goes without saying that this is not a car for the everyman, but we have very good faith that it will appeal to a buying group that likes tough and luxurious cars. We can promise a very high level of interior design and technology, and the design speaks for itself. You look pretty good on both the street and off-road when you get in an M-Hero, smiles Sulland in Electric Way.

According to the plan, M-Hero will be ready for test driving in Norway before the summer holidays and will be delivered from the beginning of August/September. Price is not yet clear.

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