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Sport, Therese johaug | Johaug shocked by what she saw from the hotel bed: – Oi, do I have it?

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Sport, Therese johaug |  Johaug shocked by what she saw from the hotel bed: – Oi, do I have it?

Therese Johaug’s possible WC comeback is the big talk in skiing Norway these days. The cross-country women have had a varied season. Profiles have underperformed.

Therefore, the rumors about the ski queen’s possible return to the ski track have been well received by the public. On Sunday, the 35-year-old made a comeback with his starting number on his chest, barely ten months after his daughter Kristin was born on 17 May last year.


Johaug was completely superb in the 17 kilometer long Engadin Frauenlauf race in Switzerland.

Down to her old rival, Polish Justyna Kowalczyk in 2nd place, it was three minutes and 37 seconds.

After the race, the northeasterdølen said the following to the organizer in an interview.

– I want and hope to be there. But of course there is a lot of work, she said the possibility of her competing in the five-mile race at the WC next year.

It is the first time the women will walk the fabled distance in the context of the WC.

Strikes back

In several Norwegian newspapers it was reported that the world champion and Olympic champion have decided to bet against the WC in Trondheim.

Now Johaug denies this.

In an interview with her employer NRK, she says that she was surprised when she read the news on Sunday evening.

– I was lying in bed and saw “Oi, have I made up my mind for the WC in Trondheim?” Jeez, have I decided? Who has decided that? At least not me! So that door there is still very much open whether it will or not. At least I can confirm that: That I have not decided at all, she says to the state channel.

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Johaug says that a decision will be made before the summer.

– Now I want to use the time well ahead to try to train myself, get back to a suitable form and make the decision in due course. Whether I know this is right or not.

Johaug dreaded giving the message: – Absolutely terrible to tell

Runs in a local race

The race in Switzerland was her first since she put her skis on the shelf after the Skarverennet at the end of April 2022.

On 1 May, the 35-year-old will start the half-marathon race at Grue.

There, Johaug has entered an assumed finishing time of one hour, nine minutes and 30 seconds.

If she succeeds, it will be below the EC requirement for the 21.095 kilometer long distance.

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