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Sports, Football | Historically great interest in the Voss Cup: – This is absolutely wild

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Sports, Football |  Historically great interest in the Voss Cup: – This is absolutely wild

NEWSPAPER HORDALAND: – We have probably never experienced such an attack before. This is completely wild, says general manager of FBK Voss, Hallgeir Finbråten.

This year, the club has a ceiling of 670 teams for the tournament. The ceiling has been reached and the organizing club has more and more teams on the waiting list.

– These are very pleasant numbers. Last year at the same time, we had around 370 registered teams, says tournament leader Kjersti Bakketun.

Down from 726 layers

Arne Førde was tournament leader for ten years from 2009. He is impressed that the cup is now fully booked.

– We are in February. This is unique. It happened that we had a waiting list in my time too, but never so early in the year, says Førde.

Last summer, 726 teams took part in the Voss Cup. There are several reasons why the club has cut the number of participating teams.

– It is about us not growing at any cost. The quality of what we do is the most important thing. We will make the best possible football party for those who are involved, says Bakketun.

As usual, most of the teams come from Bergen and the surrounding area. But here are also teams such as Ål, Førde, Vard Haugesund, Sauda and Suldal.

Huge party last year

Last year there was great summer weather and a great atmosphere for the over 7,000 young footballers who took part.

– Last year we had one of the best tournaments in the Voss Cup’s history with very nice summer weather. That’s why players and parents want to return to Voss this year too, says Hallgeir Finbråten.

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He expects 15,000-20,000 visitors.

– This is a gold mine for many businesses in Voss, says Finbråten.

Can open up to more

The tournament director says that the challenge of overnight accommodation is great for the cup.

– Last year this went well because of the great summer weather, which put people in an extra good mood. So this year we are going down the participating teams. We have a limit of 670 teams, but if we get hold of good accommodation options, we may offer some teams on the waiting list to join the cup anyway, says Bakketun.

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