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Spring sowing in Bijeljina | Info

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Spring sowing in Bijeljina |  Info

Thanks to the extremely warm weather, farmers and vegetable growers in Semberija started preparing the land for sowing corn, alfalfa and soybeans a month earlier than usual.

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There is a great demand for seed potatoes, of which there are not enough. While seeds are 10 to 30 percent more expensive, fertilizer is up to 60 percent cheaper compared to last year.

It is unheard of that the temperature of the soil is ideal for planting potatoes at this time of the year, and that there is a lack of moisture.

“Due to the lack of water and snow, the plows did not even freeze. The lack of precipitation itself made it more difficult to cultivate,” says Mile Perković, a farmer from Kojčinovac near Bijeljina.

They saved on fertilizer, but seed potatoes are half a mark more expensive than last year.

Unlike consumer potatoes, the planting of industrial potatoes for the local factory, which provides raw material on 50 hectares, has not yet begun. because it is waiting for imported seed potatoes.

“One truck is already in France, waiting for the goods to be loaded, however we are waiting for permits and accompanying documentation, and for the second truck we will see if we will be able to comply with the subcontractors”, said Gorana Kojić from OPZ “Agrofarmer” in Janja near Bijeljina.

Not even in agricultural pharmacies they don’t have enough seed potatoes, because vegetable growers started planting in mid-February due to high temperatures and a good price for table potatoes. Last year, seed potatoes were in demand until May.

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“In a few days, certain varieties of potatoes that are left in stock should arrive, because now there is no choice of potato varieties. What is on offer is imported.” explained Stanko Tadić, agricultural engineer at the agricultural pharmacy.

Seed corn is also widely bought. Farmers close the winter furrow earlier and prepare for sowing.

There is a rich offer of corn hybrids of all ripening groups from different seed companies, and the prices have slightly increased or at the level of last year – from 120 to 145 KM.

Regressed fuel, cheaper by 80 pfennigs per liter this spring, will partially reduce the costs of sowing and cultivating arable land, and as in previous years, domestic hybrid corn BL 43, as well as domestic soybean varieties, are subsidized.


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