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Star Trek actor Kenneth Mitchell dies at 49

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Star Trek actor Kenneth Mitchell dies at 49

Berlin. Kenneth Mitchell fell ill with the muscle disease ALS a few years ago. This also influenced his last role on “Star Trek”.

Kenneth Mitchell died on Saturday at the age of just 49. His family made the announcement on various social media platforms on Sunday. The Canadian actor fell ill with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS for short, some time ago. This neurological disease leads to progressive muscle paralysis and spasms and is considered incurable. Those affected have a significantly shortened life expectancy. Mitchell received the diagnosis in August 2018.

On X takes his family Farewell from a “beloved father, husband, brother, uncle, son and dear friend to many.” Mitchell was widely known as an actor in many films and television series. He played a hope, a survivor of the apocalypse, an astronaut, and four very special “Star Trek” characters. But, the statement says, his inner circle sees him above all “as a hope seeker, daydreamer, soccer player, beach walker, bear hugger […], Susan’s partner and – above all – as a proud father. Kenneth Mitchell leaves behind his wife, 50-year-old actress Susan May Pratt, and their two children, ages 12 and 17.

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The actor was particularly popular with a larger audience The Sci-Fi Production “Star Trek” and “Marvel” are known. In “Captain Marvel” he played the father of Carol Danvers, the main character, in a supporting role. On Star Trek: Discovery, he breathed life into three different Klingons. The role of Aurellio may have been the most impressive. Due to a genetic defect, the human scientist had to rely on a floating chair. Aurellio was only invented so that Mitchell could also play in a wheelchair, which he has increasingly needed since 2019.

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His family said on Sunday that the actor had wished that gifts upon his death could be donated to ALS research or to support his children. At the end of the posting, Kenneth Mitchell has his say again: He writes after his death Baum to want to become. When the time comes, it should be made into a canoe paddle, a huge drum and firewood. “Take my hand, my branch, my paddle, my drum and dance with me…forever!”


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