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Stardew Valley 1.6 is available! See list of what’s new in the free update

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Stardew Valley 1.6 is available!  See list of what’s new in the free update

Finally, the day has arrived: the long-awaited Update 1.6 de Stardew Valley is now available for free to all players. Want to know some of the main new features of Stardew Valley 1.6? So you came to the right place!

Update 1.6, which has been in development since last year, arrived this Tuesday (19) only for PC at first. The console and cell phone versions “will come as soon as possible”, on a specific date not yet confirmed by ConcernedApe — the director responsible for the simulator.

Update news

Among the new features for the special anniversary update, Update 1.6 will bring three new festivals, including one dedicated to the New Year, and a new type of farm called “Meadowlands Farm”. The land features chewy blue grass that “animals love” — plus, here you also start with a chicken coop and two chickens.

Among the new features, the new free Stardew Valley update will bring a new type of farm called “Meadowlands Farm”.Source: Stardew Valley

Of course, players and fans of Stardew Valley You can also enjoy a series of new items, new dialogues with NPCs and even the introduction of the long-awaited cooperative multiplayer for up to eight players — remembering that the previous limit was just four.

Main news of Stardew Valley Update 1.6

The list of news from Update 1.6 Stardew Valley it doesn’t stop there. The simulator received a series of adjustments to the harvesting animations, with felled trees growing faster and generating higher quality fruits at the beginning of the game.

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In addition, there was also the addition of a week-long honeymoon for newlywed couples, the possibility of petting the pet more quickly and even drinking mayonnaise if your jam jar is empty. Check out the list of some of the announced additions below:

  • A new big festival;
  • Two smaller festivals;
  • Extra content for all skill areas;
  • New items and crafting recipes;
  • Joja’s alternatives for certain end-game missions;
  • More than 100 new lines of dialogue;
  • Cold clothing for all villagers;
  • New types of quest completion rewards;
  • Support for multiplayer with up to eight players on PC;
  • New type of farm;
  • New secrets;
  • Other small additions and tweaks.

Stardew Valley Update 1.6 brought a lot of new features to players.Source: ConcernedApe (X)

Full list of Stardew Valley 1.6 changes:

To check out all the changes coming to Stardew Valley 1.6, the tip is to check the game’s patch notes, which can be seen in Brazilian Portuguese here on Voxel.

Looking forward to enjoying the new features of the anniversary update Stardew Valley? Comment on social media Voxel What did you think of Update 1.6!

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