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Staying at home despite winning millions: lottery winner Chico explains why

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Staying at home despite winning millions: lottery winner Chico explains why

Despite his wealth, the multimillionaire Chico, who became famous because of his lottery win, continues to live in his parents’ small apartment in Dortmund. In an interview, the 43-year-old now reveals his motives and reveals that his living situation will soon change.

He is a multimillionaire and owns several houses. Nevertheless, Chico currently still lives in his parents’ small apartment in Dortmund’s Nordstadt. In an interview, the 43-year-old lottery winner spoke about the background to his unusual living situation.

For this reason, lottery millionaire Chico still lives with his parents

After winning the lottery in 2022, Kürsat Yildirim, nicknamed “Chico,” purchased several properties. However, moving into one of the houses himself was out of the question for him. “I have been a multimillionaire for months and still live with my parents,” the 43-year-old admitted in an interview with the teleschau agency.

Moving into a penthouse by the lake is coming up

However, his living situation is expected to change in just a few weeks. “I recently purchased a penthouse on Lake Phoenix,” Chico revealed. He could move in in June. The artificially created body of water in Dortmund’s Hörde district is also due to Chico’s previous living situation: “I really wanted to move to Lake Phoenix,” he revealed.

“I want to stay in Dortmund for the rest of my life”

Moving to another city was out of the question: “On every corner there is a memory, a story. I want to stay here for the rest of my life because I love Dortmund. That’s why I looked at a lot of houses – but the prices! People thought they could raise the prices because I won the lottery.”

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Ultimately, Chico found a place to stay at a fair price. Meanwhile, his parents will stay in their apartment in Dortmund’s Nordstadt: “I can’t get them out of there. I wanted them a nice one Buy a house“But my mother doesn’t want to,” explained the former crane operator. “She has everything she needs – her friends, her market, her mosque. So she wants to stay where she is.”

Chico will provide further insight into his everyday life as a lottery winner on Monday, April 29th, 8:15 p.m. in the SAT.1 series “People talk about money!”.

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