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Strasbourg, a Bulgarian sovereign MEP insults the Italian Gozi and makes the fascist salute

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Strasbourg, a Bulgarian sovereign MEP insults the Italian Gozi and makes the fascist salute

During the debate in the plenary of the European Parliament, in Strasbourg, the Bulgarian MEP Angel Dzhambazkia member of the Ecr Group – the same one to which the Brothers of Italy belongs – insulted his Italian colleague Sandro Gozi, by Renew Europa, before the latter’s intervention on the rule of law in Poland and Hungary. Dzhambazki, at the end of the speech, would have made a fascist salute as he left the hall amid protests from the hemicycle.

“We will watch the videos to ascertain what happened”, said the vice president of the Eurocamera, Pina Picierno, who chaired the session. “Fascist symbols – she added – are unacceptable in this hall because this is the home of European citizens, but it is also a living monument that represents the victory of Europeans against the barbarism of Nazi-fascism”.

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In his speech, Dzhambazki had said that the debate was not about the “rule of law”, but about “hatred of the idea of ​​the concept of nation”. “We will never agree with your agenda”, the agenda “of the NGOs that seek to destroy Europe, transforming it into something else”, warned the conservative who concluded the speech by wishing “long life for Orbán. , Fidesz, Kaczynski, Bulgaria. Long live the Europe of nations “.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, the Renaissance movement, the French list promoted by French President Emmanuel Macron and En Marche, in which Italian MEP Sandro Gozi was elected, asked the President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola to act. “Because he defended the rule of law in the EU, Sandro Gozi was insulted by MEP Angel Dzhambazki, who left the hemicycle with a scandalous Nazi salute. You have all our support, Sandro,” he added.

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And Metsola’s reaction was not long in coming: “A fascist greeting to the European Parliament is unacceptable to me, anytime, anywhere. It offends me and everyone else in Europe. We are for the opposite. We are the House of Democracy. That gesture. it comes from the darkest chapter of our history and must be left there “, she also wrote on the social network.

Ecr’s Bulgarian MEP, Angel Dzhambazki, intervened with an email to colleagues to explain his position. He specified that “it was not a Nazi salute, but a gesture with his hand to apologize to the presidency” for overstepping the timing of the intervention. “I was shocked to see the accusation of the Nazi salute,” he explained.

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