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Strengthening Taiwan’s defense and promoting US-Taiwan military exercises US Defense Authorization Act announced

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The U.S. House of Representatives passed the National Defense Authorization Act for the new fiscal year 2022 on December 7, calling for the strengthening of Taiwan’s defense capabilities. The picture shows the naval warships of the five countries sailing. (Image source: public domain)

[LookatChinaDecember9th2021](Look at the Chinese reporter Ming Si Comprehensive Report) December 7th,AmericaThe military committees of the Senate and the House of Representatives, on the “2022 fiscal yearNational Defense Authorization Act“The final version reached a consensus, in which it is recommended that the US Department of Defense assistTaiwanDevelop “asymmetric” defense capabilities, etc. In this regard, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China, Wu Zhaoxie, expressed his gratitude on the 8th and said that he would discuss military and security cooperation with the United States.

The Voice of America reported that U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense Ely Ratner (Ely Ratner), who is in charge of Indo-Pacific security affairs, said at a hearing before the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee on December 8: “Strengthening Taiwan’s defense capabilities is an urgent issue. Mission is also a basic method of deterrence.”

Ratner also said that the Chinese military’s air and sea activities around Taiwan are “deliberate provocations,” which increases the possibility of misjudgment among the armed forces in the Indo-Pacific region. “This move puts the prosperity and security of the region at risk and is part of China‘s military coercion and aggression model against other US allies and partners in the region, including India, Japan, the Philippines, and Vietnam.”

The day before, Jake Sullivan, the National Security Advisor of the White House, was asked by the media at a press conference that if Russia invaded Ukraine while the CCP took action against Taiwan by force, how should the United States respond?

Sullivan responded, “The United States will take all actions of intimidation and diplomacy to ensure that this will never happen in Taiwan.”

On the same day, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for the 2022 fiscal year with 363 votes in favor and 70 votes against, calling on the U.S. to conduct field training and military operations with Taiwan. exercise.

The bill includes inviting Taiwan to participate in the Pacific Rim military exercise in 2022, so that Taiwan can ensure sufficient self-defense capabilities, and promote strategic and policy exchanges between U.S. and Taiwan officials, in particular to strengthen defense cooperation, enhance U.S.-Taiwan military power, and Strengthen Taiwan’s reserve forces and so on.

Congress also requested that the Secretary of Defense of the United States submit an assessment report on Taiwan’s defense capabilities from 2022 to 2027, help Taiwan develop asymmetric defense capabilities, and submit a feasibility report on strengthening cooperation between the U.S. militia and Taiwan. After the bill is passed by the Senate, the legislative process will be completed, and it will come into effect after being signed by US President Biden.

The Central News Agency reported that Taiwan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Wu Zhaoxie said in an interview on the 8th that the US National Defense Authorization Act has always been included in the Taiwan-Friendly Resolution. He expressed his gratitude to the US Congress for its support to Taiwan and will also discuss military and security issues with the US administration. Partnership.

Wu Zhaoxie said that Taiwanese people feel that China’s threat to Taiwan is becoming stronger and stronger internationally. At this moment, we must pay attention to China’s ambitions and threats, and Taiwan must also integrate countries with similar ideas to gain more international support. , This is a stronger deterrent to China.

On the 8th, Defense Minister Qiu Guozheng said that he has not seen the content of the bill, and many matters need to be discussed and thought by Taiwan itself, to examine whether the bills of other countries are applicable to Taiwan, and that what is beneficial to Taiwan will be grasped and evaluated.

Li Youtan, an adjunct professor at the National Institute of Development, National Chengchi University, Taiwan, told NTD Radio, “The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives have shown determination. They face the threat of the CCP and adopt a deterrent strategy. Moreover, they have already grasped the key points in this part, which is very specific and effective. Practice shows the determination to defend peace across the Taiwan Strait.”

Source: Look at China

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