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Sturla Holm Lægreid won the normal distance in Holmenkollen

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Sturla Holm Lægreid won the normal distance in Holmenkollen

This made it triple Norwegian in the men’s first discipline in the Kollen weekend.

– Today it was so easy to shoot a full house. I thought it had been a long time since I shot 20 out of 20. It was about time, smiles Lægreid to NRK.

– I felt like an animal on the trail today. It was a joy to go skiing. I go grinning and feel completely raw, he continues.

The 27-year-old thus took his twelfth individual World Cup victory. The Bærumsgutten also won the sprint in Holmenkollen in 2022.

– You don’t get tired of it. I felt I had the day on the trail. When it also works on a stand and you have your head in the right place, it works very well. It was very nice, says Lægreid to VG.

– What he does here is impressive. It’s a very good portrait series, commented Ola Lunde on NRK after Lægreid’s last shooting.

By then he had just hit 20 out of 20 in total, and went into a solid lead before the last round of the Kollen trails.

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Tarjei Bø was close to doing the same – going 20 kilometers without a barrier – but the last shot on standing was absolutely decisive.

– It’s a really rough boom, said Lunde about Bø’s last shot at NRK.

– It’s so typical, but it can still be brilliant. There are so many times the last shot has been wide. He was really close there, screamed NRK commentator Jann Post.

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Photo: Jostein Magnussen / VG

– It was a perfect race in many ways. It stings a bit with the last shot, but when I get it a bit from a distance I am satisfied that I can still be in shape. I can only pay tribute to Sturla today, says Bø to VG.

Bø thus finished 28.5 seconds behind Lægreid, while Vetle Sjåstad Christiansen took third place and ensured a Norwegian triple. The latter had to dig deep to beat the time of French-Norwegian Eric Perrot, and did just that on the run.

– It was a very exciting match. I felt good. Today I knew from the last person standing that I had to go to the basement. I timed it well. It was perfect, says Christiansen to VG.

ON THE PODIUM: Vetle Sjåstad Christiansen ensured that there was a Norwegian triple in the normal distance when he took third place, 0.8 seconds ahead of Eric Perrot. Photo: MATHIAS BERGELD / BILDBYRÅN

– He led the last 50 meters and that holds. He squeezes out the very, very last, said NRK’s ​​Jann Post about Christiansen’s final sprint.

Johannes Thingnes Bø was number five, Endre Strømsheim number seven and Johannes Dale-Skjevdal number ten.

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