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Sudan’s Prime Minister talks with the U.S. Secretary of State after returning home, the World Bank suspends aid

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China News Service, October 28. The situation in Sudan has changed recently. After being detained by the military, Hamduk and his wife of the Transitional Government have returned home, but many officials of the Transitional Government are still being detained. Al Jazeera’s Chinese website reported that Hamduk had a phone call with US Secretary of State Brinken on the 26th, the African Union condemned the Sudanese military coup on the 27th, and the World Bank also suspended aid to Khartoum.

[The detained prime minister returns home and talks with the U.S. Secretary of State]

The office of Prime Minister Hamduk of the Sudanese Transitional Government announced on the evening of the 26th that Hamduk and his wife had returned home after being detained in an unknown location and that he was “closely monitored.” But the office pointed out that “some ministers and political leaders are still being held in unknown locations.”

Burhan announced on the 25th the dissolution of the Sovereignty Council and the government and the implementation of a state of emergency. This decision triggered rejections and widespread protests in Sudan and abroad. Demonstrators took to the streets for three consecutive days, blocking many roads with stones and tree trunks. Al Jazeera reporters said that after two days of protests, the streets in the center of Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, resumed activity and cautious calm.

Although most shops are still closed, some shops are already open for business. Security forces and troops are deployed on the streets around the headquarters and the presidential palace in response to possible developments.

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On the evening of the 26th, the Sudanese police fired tear gas at the demonstrators in the Bahri area in eastern Khartoum in an attempt to disperse them and remove obstacles on the street.

In addition, since being detained, Hamduk has made public contact with a foreign country for the first time, talking with US Secretary of State Blincol. The U.S. State Department stated in a statement that Brinken had a telephone conversation with Hamduk, welcomed his release, and again requested the release of the remaining detainees.

The US State Department added that Blinken expressed deep concern about the military’s continued seizure of power and reiterated the need to restrain and avoid violence when responding to demonstrators.

[Many parties oppose the military coup, the World Bank suspends aid]

The African Union stated that it opposes unconstitutional government changes and expresses its deep concern about the military coup in Sudan. The AU also stated in its statement that “the AU Peace and Security Council has decided to order Sudan to immediately suspend any activities in the AU until the civil transitional government actually resumes.”

The council believes that the actions of the commander-in-chief of the Sudanese Armed Forces Burhan may hinder the transition process and plunge Sudan into a cycle of violence. The council called on all parties in Sudan to put the higher interests of the country and the people first, stay calm, refrain from inciting violence, and immediately resume dialogue.

The council welcomed the release of Hamduk and called for the immediate and unconditional release of all detainees.

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On the other hand, the World Bank announced that it will suspend aid to Sudan. World Bank President David Malpass said in a written statement: “The World Bank Group suspended all payments in Sudan on Monday (25th). We will stop any new developments while we closely monitor and evaluate the situation. Business.” The World Bank is particularly involved in Sudan’s debt relief mechanism.

Malpas, who recently visited Sudan to meet with the authorities, said, “I am very concerned about the recent developments in Sudan, and I am worried that this will have a serious impact on the country’s recovery and socio-economic development.”


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